Common mistakes people make when buying an engagement ring

    buying engagement ring

    Not everyone is an expert at choosing and analyzing diamond engagement rings – you may be an enthusiast, but there are things that may even fool an avid jewelry lover.

    Here is how you can inspect a diamond engagement ring closely:

    Read the Grading Scale

    Diamond rings are graded based on the four parameters – clarity, cut, carat weight, and color. You need not be an expert at interpreting the grading scales but just the littlest know-how can help you evade malicious retailers.

    Clarity of a diamond ring is assessed through grading like I, SI, VS, VVS – inclusions, small inclusions, very small inclusions, and very, very small inclusions. Where very small inclusions are ideal and very very small inclusions make a diamond perfect. But these are significantly less important in small cart weight diamonds, where small inclusions are barely visible to the naked eye. It can create differences in the overall pricing.

    The color of a diamond ring is graded from K J I H G F E D scale. These are especially helpful when it comes to buying a diamond colored diamond ring with a specific setting or ring material in mind.

    Cut – diamonds are divided into brilliant and lustrous cuts. Brilliant cuts like oval, round, pear, princess and cushion have higher scintillations and are generally higher priced. Whereas, Asscher, emerald and rose cuts have a subtler, vintage appearance since they are inspired by the Art Deco or other olden ears. These cuts tend to be comparatively lower priced because of their antique methods of cutting.

    Carat weight – buying a diamond ring of higher carat weight isn?t necessary. People often tend to make the mistake of buying higher carat weight diamond rings, but the shape of the ring can significantly lower the price points. For example, a round-shaped diamond ring of the same carat weight is more expensive than an oval or pear sharper one. Thus, selecting a shape and carat weight can help you save extra money.

    Buy a Diamond Ring Based on Your Lifestyle

    If you plan on buying an engagement ring that you will be wearing at all times. Then it is important for you to choose a setting and carat weight that will not be prone to wear and tear.

    Single pronged settings and diamonds with higher tables as well as longer apexes are not ideal for everyday wear. On the other hand, diamonds with more secure settings like bezel or channel are more resistant to wear and tear. Thus, if you are a generally reckless person or would love donning your diamond ring at all times then you must choose a securer setting and diamond.

    Selecting a Diamond Ring that Complements Your Finger

    Buying a diamond ring by just looking at it shall not suffice for how it looks on your finger. Getting the right proportion, fit and aesthetic appeal is necessary for buying a diamond ring that will become the cynosure of the crowd.

    Slender fingers usually look perfect with elongated shapes like oval, emerald, Asscher, and pear.

    Whereas stouter fingers look stunning with a diamond ring containing shapes like a round, cushion, or princess cuts.

    Getting the right fit will help secure the symmetry and position of the diamond ring, preventing the anxiety of the wearer.

    Choosing a Diamond Ring Setting

    Materials like yellow gold are not as durable as other stronger, alloys. But they are trending now and make for a stunning contrast between diamond rings of different colors.

    Whereas, rose gold rings have a vintage aesthetic associated with them and are usually paired with lustrous diamonds.

    Wire gold and platinum diamond ring significantly increase the overall price of the diamond ring, since they are higher quality bands. But they account for some stunning, monochromatic rings. And have been one of the most popular choices of all time.

    In conclusion, buying a diamond ring should not be an overwhelming experience. Instead of making knowing what you want based on your need and having a thorough knowledge about diamonds to pick from the plethora of choices will help you make a more informed decision.

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