Do Hair Extensions Feel Like Regular Hair?

Finally, you have decided to get hair extensions. However, you are afraid that people might notice it is not your real hair. You start asking yourself if the hair extensions will feel like real natural hair. Well, the answer is yes, hair extensions can feel like your normal hair. Human hair extensions are mostly cut from the donor’s head and are worn after they have been processed. Once you wear it, it will look and feel as natural as your real hair. You can perm, dye, and even bleach it. Also, it has a long-life span; hence it will give you optimum service. If you want to get a 100% human hair extension that will feel like your real hair, you will need to follow some basic rules. Let’s look at some of these rules.

1.Use the Right Products

You will have to use specific hair products, and they are not the ones you are already using. You need to wash your hair extensions with a sulfate-free shampoo. Also, use a conditioner for moisturizing your extensions to give them a natural look. You can also use leave-in conditioning sprays and hair masks. If you have no idea of the type of products to use on your extensions, you can seek advice from your hairstylist.

2.Quality is Queen

One mistake people often make when getting an extension is buying low-quality products. You cannot purchase fake extensions and expect the extension to feel like your natural hair. That is why you need to invest in high-quality hair extensions.

Always invest in 100% human hair extensions if you want to get an extension that is close to your real hair. Such extensions can easily be styled, have the same texture as your natural hair, and they don’t shed as much compared to cheaper extensions.

3.Regular Maintenance

The second rule that you should always follow to ensure that your 100% human hair feels like your real hair is having regular maintenance done on your extensions. You need to wash your extensions regularly.

Make use of shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free when washing your hair extensions. After washing them, let them air dry to avoid bacteria from growing in them. If you want to use drying tools, ensure that the hair is completely dry first.

4.Know When You Should Let Go

When you hear a person saying that hair extensions damage your hair, it’s because their extensions were not correctly removed, and were worn for more than two months. You have to make sure that extensions are worn for the recommended time frame. Another way you can prevent extensions from damaging your hair is by avoiding wearing heavy extensions. Wearing heavy extensions will make your hair shed, and finally, it will break.

Indique hair extensions should not fall out or cause you pain. If the extension you have doesn’t feel natural, causes you pain, or isn’t installed properly, you should head down to the salon to get them fixed.

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