10 Qualities To Look For A Barber Chair: Tips For Shop Owners

buying barber chair

Framing the importance of a barber chair in quite a few words is difficult. But, apart from providing absolute relaxation and superior services, these seating arrangements are responsible for setting the vibe and tone of your space. 

The salon is no less than a haven for individuals in dire need of hair care and grooming services. Therefore, investing in these barber chairs is crucial in converting your new customers into loyal clients. 

Whether you are looking for barber salon recliner chairs or salon styling chairs, this article will enable you to uncover some valuable tips for choosing them. So let’s delve deeper without any further delay. 

Your Barber Chair Should be Extremely Comfortable 

You need to look for a barber chair that is incredibly cosy and comfortable. This setting will allow your clients to take a chill pill after a tiresome day at work. Besides receiving high-quality facial services or an excellent haircut, these pieces of furniture are responsible for providing a relaxing experience. 

Your salon’s chair must be well-equipped with a comfortable footrest and headrest. High-density foam cushions are like a cherry on top. 

Good Footrest and Heat

As mentioned earlier, you must invest your bucks in a chair with suitable headrests and footrests. These implementations boost customer comfort to a whole new level. They will keep coming back to you over and over again. How amazing does that sound?

Adjustable Feature 

Opt for barber chairs that are well-equipped with adjustable heights and recline. In addition, you can buy chairs with different additional features like magazine racks, wheeled legs, and padded armchairs. 


Whether you are looking for a salon or barber chair, you should never compromise on durability. Sounds good? The chair you are looking for should be extremely durable and high quality. Through this, retaining your loyal clients will become as smooth as a cakewalk. In addition, it will help you to save your hard-earned money in the best possible manner. 

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Maintaining and cleaning these chairs is very easy. You can now preserve these chairs in their original state by purchasing a vinyl cleaner. Also, a chrome cleaner might be perfect for your chic and shiny-looking chrome. Consider avoiding any kinds of treatments or products that can stain your chair. Choose chair covers and colours accordingly. 


Focusing on the material of the barber chair is important. You can choose cast aluminium and chrome for your barber chair’s metal portions. Thanks to their first-class durability, gaining a chic look is much easier now. Also, these materials tend to hide wear and tear along with general scratches. 

Apart from that, you can take a step toward buying high-quality vinyl instead of leather and fabrics. Compared to leather and fabric, taking care of vinyl materials will be less hectic and troublesome. Look for electric and standard bases while investing in this beauty salon furniture

Visually Appealing 

The barber chair should match your salon’s aesthetic and visual appeal. Whether you are looking for a classic, vintage, sporty, or modern look, the plethora of options won’t disappoint your expectations. You can also say ‘yay’ to a specific colour scheme and purchase a chair that aligns perfectly with the interior. The colours and designs of these chairs tend to impact the customers immensely. 

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Consider the Budget 

These barber chairs are available at different prices. So you can grab the one that fits into your budget seamlessly. First, however, you must focus on setting a realistic amount while researching the internet. 

Opting for high-quality chairs might look like a huge investment to you. But, this decision will be fruitful in the long run. Instead of fixing a low-quality chair each month, purchasing a good one will save you from a massive pocket pinch. 

Top-Notch Functionality

A visually appealing chair isn’t enough for your salon; you must check whether these chairs are functional. All you need to do is gain insights about their height adjustments, reclining mechanism, etc. Also, consider noticing whether the footrest or headrest is removable or adjustable. 

As you already know, your clients come in different shapes and sizes. That’s why seat dimensions should be taken into consideration. These factors will preserve your chair from various damages and protect your customers from different aspects. 


This is a crucial point where you can’t overlook the circumstances. First, you need to find out whether these chairs come with a warranty or not. If there is no warranty, all you need to do is STAY AWARE! This can be a potential sign of short lifespan and low-quality materials. 

The right kinds of barber chairs will come equipped with a minimum one-year warranty. Moreover, you can get in touch with their dedicated customer service, thus receiving top-notch support in no time. 

What Are the Benefits of Incorporating These Barber Chairs in Your Salon? 

Check out the benefits of these salon styling chairs at a quick glance: 

  • These chairs tend to attract a lot of clients to your salon
  • You can now save your money in the long run 
  • Thanks to these chairs, offering a plethora of services is highly possible now 
  • These barber chairs come with maximum comfort 
  • It paves the way for creating a luxurious environment inside your salon 
  • Gone are the days when you had to replace your chairs on a short notice 

The Bottom Line 

These tips will allow you to look for the best barber salon recliner chairs. So what are you waiting for? Scroll through your phone and check out the options, thus picking the best one among the huge pack. 


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