How to Choose a Perfect Accent Chair for Any Space

There?s much to like about accent chairs, from fashion to function. Whether you?re looking to create a conversation space, add flair, or enhance any room, accent chairs are the best solution for all. It may seem like an easy purchase at first glance, but choosing the perfect one is not an easy process. Oversized or small? Modern trend or classic style? A bold look or a neutral design? The choices are limitless. To help you out, here are the tips on how to choose the perfect accent chair for any space in your home.

Get the Scale Right   

Nobody wants to spend money on such a chair that doesn?t fit in the space they wish to fill. Remember that no matter how beautiful the design you choose, it will never look good if it is not right in size. So the first thing you need to do is to measure the area where your accent chair will be in. Don?t try guessing. You also make sure your space will not look off-balancedespecially if you have less space. If you wish to put a chair in an area that already has other furniture items then choose one which is similar in proportion to them.

Go for a Color that Pleases You

Choosing a color is more of your preference rather than a strict rule. If you prefer the matching look then look at the beautiful decor elements that already have in your home like pillows, rug, or artwork. Find a chair in similar shades to them to create more consistency in the room. But if your surroundings are of a neutral color then you should choose a patterned chair with a different color to bring some visual interest.

Consider the Style

Don’t forget to consider the style of the chair too. Accent chairs do not have to match with everything else in your home in terms of style. Contrast is good to a certain extent if you feel bored with the same look in one space.

Here are some of the popular styles of an accent chair.


This style of accent chair is more decorative than functional. If you like some flair and appreciate good items in your space then you should choose a fur gold chair.


Modern style or iconic style chairs generally have clean lines and come in neutral colors and unique shapes.


Traditional style chair is also known as a classic style chair and is made of real wood. If you want a comfortable chair with a detailed pattern on the upholstery, go for this style.


A contemporary style accent chair is minimalistic in its structural design. But unlike the modern style, it comes in bold colors and patterns to add perfect interest.

Choose a Suitable Fabric

Alongside the color and style, it?s also important to consider the fabric. When deciding the suitable fabric, think of how the chair will be used and by whom. This will give you an exact idea of which fabric type is a perfect fit for you and your space. If you have small kids or pets then choose leather fabric as it is durable and more resistant to spills. But if you want to put a chair in a formal space, you can pick delicate fabrics like a velvet or sheepskin chair. It is soft to touch and adds an interesting texture to formal space.

Think about the Chair’s Purpose

It?s also good to think about what purpose you are buying an accent chair. Deciding how you?ll use it will help you narrow down other parameters like size and comfort level. For instance, if your purpose is to curl up with a good book, opt for a chair that’s wide and deep so you can sit comfortably in it. In this case, avoid armless chairs and choose a comfy chair like a barrel chair or wing chair. On the other hand if it?s for your hallway where the comfort of the chair won?t matter much then you can choose a decorative chair. If you plan to use an accent chair as a dining table and chair set then they need to be high enough for the table.


Accent chairs come in many sizes and shapes. Some chairs are simple in design while others feature distinct styles to give your space a unique appeal. The right choice can become the perfect focal point of any space. So you should take the time to find one that looks great and provides maximum comfort for you and your guests. Consider all the points listed above and bring home a statement-making chair.