How to Use a Business Pinterest Account For Marketing

In this social media age, if you are just sticking to just one social media for your branding promotion, then you are missing out a lot. Although Facebook and Twitter have been the favorite destination for marketers as they ensure a huge audience, another social media platform promises a good audience and facilities to market the brand – Pinterest.

Pinterest currently has 459 million monthly active users (source),? which means there is no shortage of opportunities to capture a new audience. And this might interest you that 97% of top searches on Pinterest are unbranded (source), which means that Pinterest users do not search for a particular brand name. Hence, you need some great strategies to stand out from the crowd and attain more audience.

The basic need is that you need to turn your Pinterest account into a Pinterest Business Account. Yes, they both are different. You need to sign up for a Pinterest business account to seize the full potential of Pinterest?s marketing policies and features.

And once you have a Pinterest business account, you can use the following strategy to gather more audience and increase your brand?s reach beyond local and geographical boundaries.

Pinterest marketing strategies 

Pinterest already has around 500,000 business accounts on the platforms, and hence you need to craft some smart ways to make your brand visible on the platform. And reach more audiences and enhance brand recognition.

Optimize your account 

Many businesses often create a Pinterest account and expect good results. But they usually fail to gather an audience, as merely creating a business account is not enough. Consider this as the first step after making a business account that you need to optimize the account. Optimization here means providing an individual and unique identity for your profile.

Firstly you need to use your brand name as your profile name so that people find it easy to recognize you, and while we are talking about creating identity, use your brand logo as a display picture. And while writing the bio, try to state points that make your brand unique and how your products can bring change to the customers? lives 

Moreover, Pinterest also presents you the facility to provide the link of your website on your Pinterest profile. Therefore, integrating Pinterest with the website can help you increase traffic on your website and provide authenticity to your Pinterest profile.

Pin at the right time

While you have the Pinterest business account, you have access to the analytics. When you verify your account, you can access important tracking information. Then you will be able to figure out what strategy works for you and what strategies need modifications. 

While you are looking at the analytics, keep track of the time when your users were more active. And try to post the pins at that time. Also, according to recent findings, Saturday mornings are the best time to post.

Stay active  

This strategy is applicable on all social media platforms; one of the best ways to boost the reach of your social media account is by posting regularly and remaining active on the platform. As there will be more posts and more engagement on the platform, the algorithms will likely promote our account and hence you will have a chance to capture more audience.

While talking about Pinterest itself, try to post between 5-30 new pins every day. And make sure that you are just now repinning the content of others, providing new and original content. But keep in mind that you don?t overwhelm your followers by posting all the pins within a short duration. If you aim for 30 pins in a day, try to post them within a full day.

Cross-platform marketing

The purpose of posting the pins and content is that people see them and know about your brand and products. Hence, you cannot be dependent on just one social media platform for marketing.

You can share your pins on different social media platforms, with this strategy, you are not only promoting your brand but also promoting your Pinterest account. In addition, with this strategy, people who aren?t aware of your Pinterest presence will also get to know about your Pinterest account and will be able to connect with you.

Promote on your business website 

As mentioned above, website integration can be a very helpful tool for promoting business and obtaining a new audience. And as you read in the previous one should not stick to one platform for promotion; hence this can be considered as an extension of that strategy. 

You can embed your Pinterest widget on your website. Pinterest widgets help you in displaying Pinterest posts and feeds. Therefore, people who don?t have a Pinterest account or are unaware of your presence on the platform will also get to know about your Pinterest presence. And they will have the option to follow you there. Other than this, it also increases the vibrancy and liveliness of your website.


Pinterest is growing in popularity at a very fast rate, it has emerged as one the influential social media that can help businesses to collect more audience and attain more sales. And as it is such a promising platform, you need to have some great strategy to accumulate an audience on your profile and eventually increase brand recognition.