Develop a World-Class Bike Taxi Application

Many on-demand service sectors have undergone major transformation ever since the advent of smartphone applications. One service sector that got impacted the most in particular is the transportation industry. Uber had made use of its own mobile software to make booking cabs an effortless process and since then the transportation sector has come a long way. Today, transport apps are not confined to only providing 4 wheeler services, it is now possible to provide 2 wheeler taxi services. It is a lucrative niche that is rapidly gaining traction.

What is a bike taxi?

A bike taxi is a two wheeler service that picks up commuters and drops them to their destinations. Each bike will be able to accommodate only one passenger. The service is seamlessly facilitated by the use of a specialized smartphone application. Through the software, passengers will be able to request rides and bike riders have the option to accept and reject ride requests. This mode of taxi service is rapidly becoming popular for several reasons.

Benefits of bike taxi service :

When it comes to commuting around town, car taxi services have widely been the norm. Multiple passengers can travel on 4 wheels with amenities like air conditioning and music. However, the price of commuting in cars and getting stuck in traffic can overshadow the perks that cars have to offer. Bike taxis specifically address those challenges. Here’s how

  • Bike taxis can quickly navigate through town despite heavy traffic due to their size.
  • They cost less.
  • Bike taxis are a popular alternative to crowded public transport systems.

Scope of developing a bike taxi application :

Although the niche is relatively new compared to the already established car taxi service, it has made significant strides in recent years. The likes of Ola and Uber, companies that entered the market with cab services, now operate full fledged bike taxi services alongside other ventures. Their two wheeler operations have garnered immensely positive responses, a vast sea of two-wheeler commuters, and in turn higher revenue.

With a reliable and result-proven bike taxi app development solution, you can develop an incredibly rewarding bike service software too.

Features of a bike taxi service application :

A vital aspect of developing a smartphone application is deciding what features you want to implement in your software. For bike taxi applications, there are a set of essential features that need to be present for customers. They are:

  • Effortless registration – Passengers can easily sign up and log in to their app accounts by either creating a new account or by using their social media credentials.
  • Browse bikes – Passengers will be able to browse and choose from different types of bikes.
  • Pick up and drop – Where the passenger wants to be picked up and dropped can be selected in the app
  • Contact rider – On confirmation of a bike taxi booking, passengers can view the contact details of the rider.
  • GPS tracking – The whereabouts of the rider can be viewed in real-time on the maps available on the app.
  • Multiple payment options – To pay for the service, passengers can choose to make the transaction via credit/debit card, cash, or through online wallets.
  • Rating system – After completing a bike taxi trip, passengers can rate their experience.

In addition to these features that are customer specific, riders and the application’s admin have their own unique apps to cater to their roles as well.

Conclusion :

Bike taxi services are a huge hit among customers who want to get around town quickly and at a low cost. Developing a bike taxi application is currently a lucrative niche that many entrepreneurs are increasingly picking up. Get started by choosing from a variety of bike taxi app and business models from AppDupe. They are a well known app development company that provides excellent bike taxi app development solutions.

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