5 Of The Best WordPress Instagram Widget Plugins 2023

With over a billion active monthly users on the platform makes, Instagram is one of the most engaging and consumer-intriguing social media platforms. Instagram has a vivid variety of content generated every few minutes: posts, stories, and Reels. Thus highly engaging content and colorful feeds can be embedded on their WordPress websites using some prominent and useful WP plugins. Before moving forward and discussing the best WP plugins, lets us shed light on the importance of embedding Instagram feed on WordPress.

The Reasons to Embed an Instagram Widget:-

The most important reasons for embedding an Instagram widget are highlighted below for the readers to understand the rationales and integrate these Instagram widget onto their websites.

#1 Better website traffic:

The website’s traffic is hugely impacted by embedding the Instagram widget on WordPress. Website visitors are more likely to spend more time, and there will be an influx of new visitors to the brand?s page.

#2 Enhanced website look:

The website?s look and feel will be enhanced. The website would look more lively by embedding some intriguing and visually appealing content from Instagram.

#3 Improved consumer engagement:

With an improved website look and more visually appealing content embedded in it from Instagram, the website?s consumer engagement rate and the quotient will increase eventually.

Let us now dive deep into discussing some of the most useful and amazing plugins that readers can use to embed Instagram feed widget into their websites.

Amazing WordPress Instagram plugins:-

We have curated a list of some amazing WordPress plugins for our readers. We sincerely hope that the readers thoroughly review the plugin?s description and choose the best suitable for them per their requirements.

#1 Instagram Plugin by Tagembed:

If you are not living under a rock, you might have heard about the plugin offered by Tagembed. Being one of the most prominent social media aggregator tools, the Instagram plugin it offers is equally efficient and compatible with the WP website. The plugin allows the user to collect-curate and embeds the selected feeds from the favorite social media platform, in this case, Instagram. The user has the complete authority to adjust the height and width of the widget as per their ideal website design. Also, the widget created does not hinder the website alignment and automatically adapts to the new updates.

#2 Spotlight:

Spotlight is another popular WP plugin that ensures users can add the chosen Instagram feed in just a few clicks. The users have full control of the widget in terms of customization and adding a few personal touches. Multiple options are available for colors and styles to be the best creative. The plugin’s notable features include holding multiple accounts and the freedom to scroll from different feeds and pages.

#3 Feed Them Social:

Feed Them Social brings the next plugin to our list, enabling users to display preferred feeds from popular social networking platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Users can embed the content feeds on their websites to attract more visitors. The plugin brings the user a variety of options for layouts and templates to customize and adjust the widget according to their needs and requirements. The unique part about using the FTS plugin is that it offers two buttons on the topmost and the bottommost to successfully and conveniently import the desired feeds on the websites.

#4 10 Web Social Photo Feed:

The plugin by 10 Web Social Photo Feed is next on our list. It is a brilliant plugin that allows users to create and display Instagram widget on their website?s timeline. Embedding is done by using the shortcodes or the plugin. The user can conveniently customize the feeds? layouts and themes to create a beautiful-looking website. And an aesthetically appealing website can expect a lot more traffic. This plugin allows users to display single and mixed feeds on the webpage with an auto-update feature.

#5 WordPress Zoom Social Feed Widget:

The last on our list is the WPZOOM Social Feed Widget. This WP plugin is free and specially designed to enable users to translate the brand seamlessly from their social media handles onto their brand website. The plugin also allows users to showcase more than 10 of their desired Instagram feeds on their webpage in the form of stories, posts, Reels, etc.

The best part of this plugin is that it helps improve the resolution of the posts and Instagram pictures.

To Conclude:-

To conclude, Instagram is an extremely engaging and marketable platform. And the huge user base of the social media platform can be effectively converted into the reader’s potential customers and regular website visitors. It can be easily achieved by embedding an Instagram feed on the WordPress website using WordPress plugins. Some of the best ones are mentioned above.

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