Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce in 2022

WordPress CRM is often chosen by many businesses looking to start their online store. Its market share of over 33% makes WordPress a vital component of web development services. Some part of that is a direct result of the broad modules that WordPress brings to the table.

Picking the right eCommerce plugins for your WordPress site is critical for your business to make more expansion and profit opportunities.

We’ve limited it to 12 must-have WordPress plugins for an eCommerce site out of the many plugins! And one thing, all these plugins are free.

For your eCommerce website and store for this list, we have included plugins from different categories and for many other purposes.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips by Ewout Fernhout

This plugin will create pdf invoices and packaging slips for you.

So, whenever a customer places an order on your eCcommerce website or online store, they will receive an email with all the order details, and if we use this plugin, a pdf invoice will also be attached to the email.?

This invoice will have the customer address, phone number, shipping location, invoice number, order number, taxation, and even your signature. And customers can download invoices from my account page on the website. Also, Invoice templates are fully customizable HTML/CSS

Product Enquiry for WooCommerce by WisdmLabs

As the name suggests, this will add an inquiry button. 

It adds the make an inquiry button for every single product. Clicking on a button allows the user to enter their email and phone number. So you will receive one inquiry detail to your backend. This plugin is beneficial, especially when you don’t want to sell your products online and wish to receive inquiries.

WooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping By Jeroen Sormani

This plugin will be helpful if you want to control shipping. Usually, WooCommerce does not have very advanced shipping options, but this plugin lets you handle shipping with its additional settings.

Suppose we want to set shipping price or delivery product, delivery price based on the product weight, for example, the weight of the product is less than 500 grams. We want to charge 60 rupees, and if the product weight is more than 500 grams, then we want to charge 100 rupees; then you can do this with this plugin.

Email Customizer for WooCommerce By ThemeHigh 

By default, WoocCommerce sends an automated email to users with essential style. Where the email templates are not customizable but using the Email customizer plugin, we can create beautiful email templates with a drag and drop editor.

TeraWallet ? For WooCommerce By WCBeginner

Tera Wallet works like any other payment method. It allows customers to use various payment methods to add their money. 

Customers can earn cashback according to cart price, product, or product category wise and make payments. 

Users can also set cashback amounts based on the fixed or percent method. Backend admin can download users’ wallet transactions and send low wallet balance notification emails.

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce By YIKES, Inc.

On any single product page, open the product, and when you scroll down, you will see tabs. Usually, only three tabs are available in your default e-commerce like description, more information, and reviews. If you want to add more tabs at the bottom, you can use this free plugin for custom product tabs for WooCommerce by yikes incorporation.

Waitlist Woocommerce Back in stock notifier By xootix

Using this plugin, you can alert your customers about back-in-stock products.

Your customer can see the simple form when the product is out of stock.

If the customer is interested in the product, they can enter their email address, enter the quantity they want, and click on email me when the stock is available.

Whenever the product is back in stock, an automatic notification will be sent to your customer that the product is back in stock, and the user can come back to the website to make the order.

Variation Swatches for WooCommerce By Emran Ahmed

It helps to create different variations.

What is a variable product? A variable product is a product that is available in other variations like colors and sizes.

The Woocommerce variable product feature will display simple text color names with a drop-down list. 

But variation swatches for the woo commerce plugin will display the same color. When a user selects a black color, the product image will change to black, and the price will also change.

Sumo ? Boost Conversion and Sales By SumoMe

This plugin is helpful to create different types of pop-ups and notification bars, cookies notification bars, pop-up form forms.

For example, you can create a notification bar at the top or bottom of the website as the sale is live.

so this helps increase your email marketing and improve your sales 

AfterShip ? WooCommerce Tracking By AfterShip

This plugin helps to track orders.

Usually, if you want to ship the product to your customer, in that case, you’ll go to some courier facility where they will give you the order number and the tracking link. The user needs to visit a particular courier website to track the order, which is fundamental.

But when you use this free plugin, when a customer places an order, they will receive a message with all the information and link to track the order.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist By YITH

This plugin will be helpful to add a wish list option to your e-commerce website. A common feature in most e-commerce websites is a wishlist.

A wishlist button is available for every single product. When the customer clicks on the wishlist button, the item will be added to the wishlist, and you can add a link to the wishlist page on your website so the customer can view all the items they wishlist.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway By WooCommerce

There are several plugins for payment, but this is the one we recommend the most is the stripe payment gateway for wooCommerce because stripe is easy to set up and sign up. Here you don’t need any documentation. And with this payment gateway, you can accept credit card and debit card payments directly on your website.

In stripe, you can receive payment right on your website. Your customer does not have to go to another third-party website to make a payment.


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