The Best Winter Accessories That Aren?t Just Hats and Glove

As snow falls and the cold wind rages, most people swaddle themselves in a cozy fleece sweatshirt or parka jacket. Some might top it off with wholesale hats, beanies or sometimes a pair of gloves. While these might be adequate to keep the cold at bay, these are not your only option. If you are like me and like to play around with your looks a lot, adding some of these accessories to your winter wardrobe could be a great idea.


The winter scarf offers twofold benefits. A – It keeps your neck and torso protected from the chilly winter winds and B ? it?s a classic accessory that you can dress up or down to suit any event. Dark and neutral shades, like brown, navy, and olive are the traditional colors choices for scarves. But of course, you can?t go wrong by choosing vibrant colors for a bolder look.


Well if you have boots, or shoes for that matter, in your winter closet, socks are a natural addition. The ideal winter socks must be made from heavy fabric with heat retention properties. Whether you are walking your dog, commuting to work, or enjoying the hike up a snowy mountain, thick gauge socks will keep your feet warm, dry, and free from blisters. If you are having a hard time finding socks with thick fabric, hiking socks are a great alternative. No, you won?t get many compliments for your socks, but at least, your feet will be grateful.

?Neck Gaiter
A neck gaiter is tubular clothing meant to shield your neck and face from the cold. This handy winter accessory is a great alternative if you are not a fan of scarves. It could also serve as a face mask. While it might not be as sleek as a scarf, a neck gaiter is easier to hold in place especially if you are engaged in physical activities like skiing or snowboarding.

Earmuffs are a tried and tested classic winter accessory.? These fluffy warmers perfectly complement the textured look of sherpa jackets, parkas, and other exotic outwear. Earmuffs are practical, stylish, do not mess with your hairdo.


Balaclavas are the perfect snowy day headwear when it gets too cold for your average blank hat. It?s like wearing a neck gaiter and a beanie together, but without burying yourself in all the excess fabric.

Best part? You can turn a balaclava into a simple neck warmer by pulling down the top part. This makes it easy to adapt to the cold if you live someplace with precarious weather conditions. With the balaclava pulled over your head, you will be enjoying your favorite winter sports giving off subtle snow ninja vibes.


Mittens are a great alternative to a glove that will keep cold hands from spoiling your fun in the snow. As mittens do not have slots, they allow your fingers to cuddle together and stay warmer. The smaller surface area and fewer seams also make them more efficient in trapping heat. Although they do not provide the same level of dexterity as a glove, most mittens are adequate for a firm grip on the ski poles as you hit the slopes.

These accessories will help you stay cozy without compromising your styles. Mix and match these items to come up with your perfect winter outfit.

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