The island of Rhodes is one of the most historical and popular sites to visit. You�ll be lost in the abundance of options you have in Rhodes destination once you start exploring. Rhodes is famous for its amazing architecture, the natural beauty that has stood since centuries, and not to mention, the absolutely scrumptious food that you won�t be able to resist!�

Along with all of this, you�ll find numerous gorgeous islands like Crete, Corfu, Santorini and many more, where you�ll find a lot of amazing beach resorts and hotels. 

Let�s take a look at some of the many good options you can avail when you visit Rhodes. 

Visit The Famous Acropolis Of Lindos

We are all aware of the rich Greek history to some extent, either through books or via movies and TV shows. If you have a little insight into Greek history, the ancient Acropolis will be the best places to experience for you. You�ll reach there by following a 116-meter long road that is parallel to a high rock. The acropolis has ancient high walls, battlements and a very well maintained temple that was made for Athena Lindia. The amazing archaeological site will leave you in awe and you�ll feel as if you have stepped back a hundred years. 

Enjoy the Ancient Rhodes Old Town

UNESCO made this old town a world heritage in the 1980s. This town is what remains of the largest middle ages cities in Greek Island Rhodes. The Colossus of Rhodes was situated over here which was made around 2000 years ago and was also considered as the wonder of the world. The town�s look and feel are made from the culmination of Greek, Italian and Ottoman heritage.�

Pay A Visit To Symi Island

Once you get to the Symi Island, you have a lot of places to visit which include the Chora, the Pedi beach, Marathounda beach, the old town of Symi itself and lastly, the Panosrmitis Monastery. Make sure you take a day trip to all of these mentioned places. The Karia Bel Hotel near this place is the perfect spot for you to rest.

Symi Island isn�t exactly located in Rhodes, but you can easily get there via a short boat trip from the island

The Palace Of The Grand Master

The palace of the grandmaster is another historical site and it�s truly sensational. This site is the true depiction of what life used to be like in the Middle Ages. The 14th-century structure is very well-maintained by the Greek authorities and you�ll find unique marbles, sculptures and ancient architecture that you won�t find anywhere else. DO NOT miss out on this. 

Explore The Valley Of Butterflies

The locals call this place Petaloudes. The summer months are the perfect time to visit this place, usually the end of May till the start of July, you will be surrounded with amazingly beautiful butterflies at this place. In addition to that, this haven is filled with lush green meadows and sensational waterfalls. 

Visit The Agios Pavlos And Saint Paul�s Beaches

The Greek islands Rhodes are filled with beautiful beaches. Greece has recently gained a lot of fame due to its crystal clear turquoise beaches. You cannot exit the country before having spent a day or two at any one of these beaches.�

If you�re the kind of person who enjoys peace and tranquillity, Agios Pavlos is the right place for you. This beach in Rhodes is relatively quiet, yet very beautiful!

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