A Guide on How to Create Your Own Completely Safe Carpet Cleaners

Most of us like to keep our carpets looking clean and fresh every time. If you belong to this category of people, are you aware that this can be done without using commercial products? You may indeed have to make use of heavy-duty cleaners sometimes. However, using products like that all the time is not the best option. These products release harmful substances on the surface of the carpet and even in the air, which can be more dangerous because it is polluting the air that you breathe.

As a result, it is important that you consider substituting solutions. Have you ever considered making your own carpet cleaner? This can be a good solution to the issues that arise from the use of commercial cleaning products. Your home-made carpet cleaner is mild and has a gentle effect on the surface of your carpet. It is also very easy to synthesise and complete the task with quality standard. 

If you have never tried any of the following ingredients for your carpet cleaning process, you have been missing out on a lot. You can correct this in your next cleaning effort. You do not need to hire carpet cleaners in London or purchase commercial cleaning products to remove stains from your carpet. 

In this article, we will take you through a list of essential recipes for your home-made carpet cleaner that will make your cleaning process better

Foamy Cleaning Solution

If your carpet gets stained, you will require a very foamy solution to fix the stain. This foamy solution is easy to prepare. All you need to do is add five drops of lavender essential oil to a quarter cup of liquid soap and half a cup of warm water. When this is done, mix the entire product in a big bowl and beat the constituents until a stiff foam is formed. A mixer can be used for this task. When it is ready, you can apply it on the surface of your carpet using a damp sponge. After this, clean the carpet with a towel or cloth. If this appears not to work, don�t panic. Just repeat the process.

Multipurpose Stain Remover

Making a multipurpose stain remover does not require much. Mix a teaspoon of liquid detergent with two cups of water and quarter a cup of white vinegar. This will yield a very strong stain remover. The addition of drops of essential oil will remove the irritating vinegar smell and provide you with a great tool to tackle stains. Do not forget to blot the solution. Ensure you do not run it in and make sure that the carpet is not saturated too much.

Carpet Refresher

A stain on your carpet is not the end of your carpet. In fact, this can mark a new beginning. Your carpet can still smell nicely after removing a stain from it. All you need to do is simple, just mix some baking soda with essential oils. One way is to add 5 drops of clove to 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil and 10 drops of lavender. 

Another alternative is to combine 5 drops of tea tree with 5 drops of lemongrass and 10 drops of orange/lemon essential oil. After this, select a blend and mix with a minimum of two cups of baking soda. Then, sprinkle some of this powder on the surface of the carpet and let it remain on it for about one hour. After vacuuming, you will perceive the nice effect of the essential oils. Simultaneously, the unpalatable smell from the fabric will be absorbed by the baking soda. The baking soda will also sanitise the region. Ensure you repeat this frequently so that your carpet will keep smelling pleasant.

With all these solutions, your carpet cleaning needs will be dealt with. You should try them out to see how powerful essential oils will be for your cleaning purposes. A trial is all you need to convince you that your home-made carpet cleaners can serve as perfect replacements for all the fancy commercial cleaning products that you use.�However, some carpet stains cannot be removed without hiring carpet cleaners. For all of your carpet cleaning concerns, contact carpet cleaner in London to provide the stain-removal magic.

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