The Best Places To Advertise Property Listings

Drafting a flipping house business plan can be overwhelming, but there are a few key components that you can?t overlook. You need to have a clear criteria for selecting properties, and you need to have a clear plan for marketing those properties once you?ve closed the deal. Finding platforms to advertise your properties on can be challenging, though, when all of the main sites are completely oversaturated. How can you reach your target demographic and ensure that your properties are seen? Follow these easy tips if you want to maximize your coverage and reach the most prospective buyers.

What Makes a Strong Property Listing Ad?

Many house flippers are preoccupied with where they post their ads, when they should be more worried about what?s contained in the ad. A subpar sales pitch is a waste of a reader?s time, just like blurry pictures will do more harm than good. To make a strong property listing ad, you need several key components, the first of which is a compelling description. Buyers will naturally be more interested in a ?charming 2 BR/1BA 1960s bungalow close to downtown? than they will be in a ?two bedroom, one bath home built in 1962.? Words are your best weapon ? don?t pass up the opportunity to persuade your audience with verbiage.

Words aren?t the only tool you have at your disposal, though. You can also grab viewers? attention with alluring images of the property. Try to capture the unique features it might have and shoot from a flattering angle. It may be a worthwhile investment to hire a professional photographer for the shoot. They can ensure that it?s represented accurately while still looking appealing to prospective buyers. Buyers may have questions to ask seller when wholesaling, so you should be ready to field any inquiries that may come from the listing.

Where to Post Your Property Listings

There are many places you can post your property in order to attract potential buyers. Where you post it may depend on the condition that it?s in, though. If you?re selling a property that is in need of a major rehab, it may be best to post it on a site that specializes in distressed property leads. If you?ve already rehabbed the property and now seek to flip it, it would be better to list it on a conventional real estate site such as Zillow or Redfin. No matter where you post it, though ? or what condition it?s in ? an engaging description and accurate photos can be the key to selling sooner rather than later.

If you?re still having trouble attracting buyers even after you?ve listed your property, you may consider getting help from a real estate agent. An agent can provide you with leads for buyers and help you optimize your marketing plan. Selling a property is never easy ? especially if it happens to be a distressed property ? but there are tools available that can make the process simpler. Find out why the top sellers use a lead generation platform for their marketing.