Omg! The Best Journalism Course Ever!

Do you know about the parameters that help you start off your career as a ‘good journalist’? The career path is not easy and for many it’s an idealistic career choice.  However, you must polish some of your skills to become successful as a journalist. While choosing your college for journalism, make sure their course offer the following – 

Language – Do you know your mother tongue very well? Are proficient in English? Which other foreign or Indian languages do you know? – These questions are important if you are planning to go for a journalism course. Make sure your grip on language is strong as it will become a plus point on your career later. 

Personality – Is your soft skills good? Do you have good convincing power? What is the first impression you leave on people when they meet you? If you are not confident about these questions, you surely need a personality development course. The best journalism colleges in Kolkata also offer personality development classes along with the regular curriculum of the course. 

Writing Spree – Do you have good typing speed? Are you articulate? How many articles can you dish out in one day? – Ponder on these questions and if you have doubt then you must polish your writing skills. 

Digital Knowledge – Do you have basic idea about social media marketing? Do you know how social media helps news go viral? – In today’s time, knowing the digital platform is of vital importance. Without that, it’s impossible to flourish in a career of journalism. 

Reading – Do you keep yourself updated with all current affairs? Do you read news everyday? How often do you read books? – If you don’t do all these, you will not be able to excel in journalism. Bring in the habit of reading more within you. The more you read, the better you will write as well. 

Ethics – Journalism is a very respectful career. Your will to stand for the truth will be tried and tested many times. It is important that you have your ethics in place while entering the field of journalism. 

Experience – One of the most important things that you need before you enter a regular job in journalism is ‘experience’. You must go through training and work in real situations during your journalism course to develop your skills and understand how the industry works in real. Good journalism colleges in Kolkata do help their students get the right internships, the right industrial exposure before they are ready to join as journalists. 

iLEAD in Kolkata, one of the best journalism colleges in Kolkata offers you to upskill yourself in all the above mentioned parameters. Their under graduate and post graduate course in media science is the most updated course in media science that can be extremely beneficial for a student who has aspirations to become a journalist. Hence, if you want to become a journalist, check out the B.Sc in Media Science and M.Sc in Media Science courses at iLEAD. 

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