Best Clinics for Getting Dental Implants in Dubai

dental implants in Dubai

Losing teeth is a critical problem that warrants serious attention. The problems associated with being edentulous are more than just appearance-related issues. While these issues cause psychological traumas and mental stress, they are also disastrous for your oral health. Falling teeth can lead to a series of cascading catastrophes in terms of dental health. That?s why it?s necessary for people who?ve recently lost teeth to get dental implants or other solutions to get the missing space filled.??

dental implants in Dubai

Now that we know the importance of getting dental implants, we need to focus on where we get it. This is because you can?t compromise on the quality of care and treatment that you receive. 

Dental implants can come in a variety of materials and colours. While most would prefer getting porcelain covered crowns on top of titanium implants, others can get gold plated alloys as well. However, the fact remains that the results are entirely dependent upon the expertise and experience of the dental surgeon performing the procedure.

If you?re looking for dental implants in Dubai, we recommend going to the following dental clinics:

Sameday Dental Implants

Specializing in dental implants with thorough experience and a marvellous reputation in all aspects of dental care and treatment, Sameday Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic in Dubai. Needless to say, if you?re looking for a wholesome and professional experience, you should set up an appointment with Sameday.

One of the best things that appeal to most of the patients is the promise of taking the minimum amount of time. While other clinics may drag the process for days, weeks or even months on end, Sameday distinguishes itself with its commendable service.

The clinic?s expert personnel have taken several cases and satisfied clients in a matter of a day or two. Suffice it to say, you can easily get dental implants set for osseointegration in a day and come after the process is completed to get your crowns. Even the latter is a process that takes no more than an hour or two at the clinic.

Michael?s Dental Clinic

This is another reliable dental clinic that provides state of the art services. The clinic earns its fame due to the availability of top-tier equipment that has made it possible for the surgeons to perform some of the latest procedures. Recent innovations in procedures like implants, grafting, reconstruction, etc. require technological upgrades that are not easy to come by.

Moreover, even if you find the equipment, getting it can be very expensive. That?s why Michael?s dental clinic is a worthy place to consider if you?re in need of veneers, smile makeovers, or any other procedure pertaining to cosmetic dentistry.

The presence of digital instruments and expert prosthodontists adds to the fame that Michael?s Dental Clinic enjoys. This is in addition to the promise of reliability and comfort that the team stands by.

Dentzz Dental Care

Dentzz is a name in Dubai that stands distinguished and established in the field of dentistry and prosthodontics. If you?re looking to get yourself a Hollywood smile, a simple whitewash or a detailed whitening procedure, Dentzz has you covered.

Moreover, a lot of people tend to endorse Dentzz?s services whenever someone around them is getting braces. Offering wafer-thin transparent aligners that minimize the discomfort felt by patients, the clinic specializes in ensuring that the braces aren?t that apparent. In addition to this, it is famous for its pediatric services. Since the dentists are incredibly family-friendly, kids are surprisingly not afraid of going to the dentist once you take them to Dentzz.


While there are dozens of other dental clinics in Dubai, it?s best that you consider only the most reputable ones for your oral health. Any slight complication in a procedure can result in severe problems in the future. That?s why you should only allow an experienced and reputable dentist to perform significant procedures.

Moreover, once you find the ideal dentist, make sure that you visit them on a regular visit. There?s nothing more harmful than having an irregular routine. You can?t rely on the dentist to fix you if you go to the clinic after a year of developing problems.

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