Essential Car Care Techniques That Every Car Owner Must Know

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Whether you?re a newbie who has just purchased one of the lavish used cars for sale in Dubai or have been driving for quite some time now, you must know the importance of maintaining your vehicle. Needless to say, it?s important to maintain your car regularly, if you want to keep it in the best running condition.

On this note, today, we?re going to provide a comprehensive list of car maintenance tips and checklists that every owner must know about. Read on to know all about them!

Regularly Inspect Your Car

The first and the foremost important thing for ensuring that your car is in good condition is to get it checked regularly. You must develop a habit of taking your vehicle to a garage once every six months to get it thoroughly inspected by a professional. Likewise, you should regularly inspect your car too. Simply walk around your automobile and look for any signs of fluid leakages or damage.??

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Check Air Filters Frequently

Clogged and choked air filters can cause different problems. Therefore, for making sure that your engine remains healthy, check your air filters regularly. They play a crucial role in blocking contaminants such as dust, pollen, etc., from entering the engine.

When your air filter is clogged or choked, the amount of air flowing into the engine reduces, which ultimately leads to reduced performance. To be on the safer side, adopt this practice of replacing the air filter whenever you get your oil changed.   

Keep Your Engine?s Exterior Clean

Just like cleaning your car is important, the same goes for cleaning your car?s engine. Remember to get the exterior of your engine cleaned whenever you wash your car. If your car?s engine?s outer body isn?t clean, there are fat chances for debris residues to enter into the engine. For instance, while you?re checking your brake fluid, sometimes accidentally grease falls on top of your engine.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

The fuel economy of your car greatly relies on your tyre pressure. Moreover, the ease of driving and your control on the vehicle is also greatly influenced by air pressure in your tyres. As per experts, you should check the pressure of your tyres at least once a week.

Inspect Your Battery

Your car?s battery is vital for your vehicle to run properly. It has to supply power to the car for starting the ignition, running electronic accessories and other such tasks.

Having said that, it is crucial to note that the temperature conditions of an area greatly impact the working of the battery. Hot and dry climates tend to make the battery fluid evaporate faster. Therefore, to ensure the proper working of your car, regularly check your battery?s fluid levels.  

Change Your Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are responsible for ignition. It is their responsibility to ignite the air and fuel mixture that powers your car for running. Therefore, if your spark plugs aren?t performing well, your car?s efficiency will greatly suffer. So, whenever you feel that your spark plugs are not working properly, immediately change them. By doing so, you can prevent your engine from losing power.

Learn Your Car?s Language

Another important thing that every car owner must know is to understand the language of their car. Remember that your car tries to inform you about pertaining issues using different signs. Therefore, as a car owner, you must know the meaning of every sign as well as the colour code of lights. All cars come with sensory systems that warn the driver of any upcoming issues. You can quickly learn about them from your car?s manual and user guide.

Check the Alignment of Your Wheels

The alignment of your wheels is vital for your car to run safely on the road. If your wheels are not aligned and you are having difficulty in driving, it is important that you get them checked at your earliest. Doing this will prevent you from getting into any accidents.

These are some of the basic car maintenance techniques every owner must know. It doesn?t matter if you have purchased a new car or drive one of the used cars in UAE, knowing these tips will keep your ride running in the long run.

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