5 Amazing benefits of carrot oil for skin and hair

benefits of carrot oil

We all are aware of the incredible benefits of consuming and incorporating carrot in the diet. Yes! What about the booming carrot oil usage for hair and skin health? Well! In recent year?s carrot oil has been used in the cosmetic industry due to the amazing benefits it offered us for skin lightening and hair growth. Some skincare products also include carrot oil as one of the ingredients as it acts as the best natural skin lighteners, moisturize, and brightens the skin as well. So, the next time you go shopping then never forget to try a cream which includes carrot oil.  Surprised? Are you eager to know more about the goodness of carrot oil benefits? Yes! Read through the article and know how beneficial it is for the skin and hair.  Check out now!

What are the benefits of carrot oil for skin?

Carrot oil is prepared using the steam distillation method or by boiling the grated carrot in any oil that you like the most. Now, let?s understand the benefits of using carrot oil:

  1. The oil, when applied on the skin has the ability to infuse through the skin thus it helps to retain the moisture content.?
  2. Carrot oil softens the skin tissues, hence treats skin, eczema and other skin-related issues.
  3. Application of carrot oil on the skin helps in soothing wrinkles and reduces stretch marks on the skin. Are you searching for good skincare products? Yes! Worry not! Shop now for a range of beauty creams, day creams, moisturizers, and night creams from top brands at the best price with free doorstep delivery from a trusted online drugstoreat the comfort of your home.??
  4. Carrot oil helps in skin regeneration, protects skin, and promotes skin healing. Yes! It helps to rejuvenate the skin.
  5. Carrot oil has anti-fungal properties due to the presence of the carotene sesquiterpenes carotol, beta caryophyleine, and daucol. Well! Studies have also shown that carrot oil inhibits fungal growth. So, apply to your skin and get its maximum benefits.

What are the benefits of carrot oil for hair?

Carrot oil is loaded with the benefits of vitamin E and vitamin A. Well! The goodness of these vitamins helps to boost hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, makes the hair shiny, prevents hair loss and moisturizes the hair. A few of the benefits of carrot oil for hair are listed below:

  • Carrot oil stimulates blood circulation in the scalp
  • Carrot oil strengthens the hair from the root to the tip of the hair
  • Regular applications of carrot oil prevent the hair from UV damage, pollution, sunlight etc.
  • Carrot oil promotes hair to grow faster and thicker.
  • Carrot oil nourishes the hair and protects the hair from split ends

Are there any side-effects develop after using carrot oil?

There are not many studies linked with the reports of side-effects after using carrot oil. But, do a patch test inside the arm or at the back of the neck and wait for 24 hours. If allergies are not developed, you can start using carrot oil for your hair and inhale its amazing benefits. If you develop an allergic reaction discontinue from using it and consult the doctor immediately. If medicines are prescribed for treating any scalp related skin allergies, then order your prescription medicines from the best online pharmacy store in India and avail amazing medicine discount on every product you choose.

Also, carrot oil can be used both internal and external purposes but, consult your doctor before you start consuming it as there is a risk of psychoactive effects due to the presence of the smaller amount of myristicin component in it. Consuming too much of carrot oil may also lead to vomiting and nausea. Pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should consult the doctor before adding it as part of the diet.

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