5 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools That You Can Rely On

    linkedIn marketing tools

    Social media marketing is gaining a good pace in the market today. Especially, after the pandemic struck, businesses irrespective of their size and industry, are spending more time on social media to market their brand.

    Among the very popular social channels, LinkedIn is highly preferred after Facebook. Particularly, for B2B businesses, LinkedIn has turned as the most powerful social selling tool. You can get in touch with an SMO services company in Delhi to initiate the LinkedIn marketing process professionally.

    In this article, we are more concerned about the tools that can be used for boosting your social selling or improving your LinkedIn campaign ROI. You must learn them to have better marketing experience.

    5 Important LinkedIn marketing tools to prefer

    1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

    When it comes to LinkedIn marketing, the only tool that strikes the mind is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The tool belongs to LinkedIn itself and is considered as the best tool for generating leads and improving the prospects directory.

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows users to create complex lead searches based on different factors. The advanced lead search factors include location, industry name, company name, title, number of years, and so on.

    The best thing about this tool is you can even get lead recommendations and customized searches based on generated leads and targeted audiences. It automates the syncing of data collected from the leads to the CRM, saving a lot of time and effort. You can access them anytime you want.   

    2. Dux-Soup:

    Are you looking for a tool that maximizes your leads? Probably, you are waiting for Dux-Soup to the response. The tool is noted for generating more leads and leveraging the business with improved social selling.

    Dux-Soup has multiple features to manage. These include automating prospecting, easy to view the profiles of your prospects, follow your prospects? activities over LinkedIn, create and send personalized messages, get an insight to their skills, and many more.

    Above all, you can even download the profile details of your leads or prospects. This you can further upload to your CRM and connect with them in the near future. Sorry to say, syncing is not automated in this tool.

    Some additional features of Dux-Soup are creating notes, tagging the leads even if they are not connected, search across the profiles, etc.

    3. Zapier:

    Zapier is another user-friendly tool for LinkedIn marketers. It allows users to connect with several apps and create seamless workflows. Over 1000 apps and tools are integrated with this Zapier, ensuring a wonderful marketing approach.

    With Zapier, you can access 100 apps for LinkedIn. These apps enable users to connect with their LinkedIn account and monitor the marketing process with ease. Some popular apps include WordPress, Gmail, Google Sheets, task management apps, and many more.

    The integrated apps are all automated and upgraded with the latest features. This triggers you with a notification or an alert whenever a new change is made or new content is added to your LinkedIn marketing posts.

    4. LeadFuze:

    LeadFuze is the next in the list that offers you the features you may need for LinkedIn marketing purposes. The tool assists the users with their lead generation process, pulls down their efforts by helping them finding the leads across 200 million databases of professionals from different organizations.

    With LeadFuze?s advanced search option, you can find leads filtering out with technologies, company size, type, and so on. You can easily make a list of contact details of the leads and connect them via email. This particular task is easily performed using Fuzebot.

    LeadFuze can easily determine duplicate contacts by verifying emails with AI technology. This is an added pro. However, the list of contacts is limited to 1000 only.     

    5. Datanyze:

    Another best LinkedIn tool that needs special mention is Datanyze. The tool is efficient in providing real-time insights into the technology choices made by the company.
     Instead of managing leads and boosting them, Datanyze is responsible for promoting and marketing products based on the technology choices made by your prospects. With this tool, you can find new prospects, note down their contacts along with their email addresses to connect with them later on.

    Datanyze, no doubt, is a wonderful tool that fuels conversions. It encourages quality prospects to make their purchase immediately.

    Know more about LinkedIn marketing

    There is no rocket science in performing LinkedIn marketing. However, you must have sufficient knowledge about the tools, features, and marketing trends based on your industry. Recently, the platform has been upgraded with some new marketing features like ?

    • Exporting your connections
    • Create a showcase page
    • Send a message without making a connection
    • Setting a reminder
    • Advanced people search

    No doubt, these features excel in the marketing process to a great extent.

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