12 Things You Must Avoid During the Kitchen Renovation

It’s time to start a new renovating project and make your dream kitchen come to life! Many homeowners have always dreamed about having a kitchen that will completely satisfy their needs. Now, that dream is becoming reality, but you need to be realistic about your goals. So, how can you renovate a kitchen?

Sadly, there is no uniform way of designing a kitchen. However, we can help you stay on the top of the game by pointing out some of the most common mistakes people make while renovating their kitchen. Here?s how to avoid them!

1. Forgetting to plan ahead

Creating a comprehensive plan before you start the renovation is essential. You need to measure every centimetre of your kitchen before you even start planning! That?s how you?ll know how to compose the space and compromise on the details. How can you create a successful plan?

You?ll need to consider the space you have available and other rooms in your home. Some kitchens are also thoroughfares; therefore, you need to ensure you?ll leave enough space for passing through! Also, the size of the cabinets and home appliances needs to be taken into consideration when forming a plan.

2. Choosing the wrong type of the flooring

One of the most common mistakes people make is choosing an inadequate flooring type for your kitchen. Even though your kitchen may be a part of your living room, you need to treat it as a separate space. So, instead of placing carpets like you would in the living room, choose alternative flooring options! 

For instance, tiles or lino are ideal for kitchens. They are trendy, durable and easy to clean! Also, they are moisture and stain-resistant, which is vital for any kind of kitchen floor.

3. Picking a low-quality paint for the walls

Boring kitchens are getting out of style. Instead of them, we frequently see spaces with bold colours and interesting patterns that keep the space alive. If you decide to ditch the wall tiles and paint the walls, you need to be careful about some things!

Firstly, the colours you choose should go well with the rest of your home. Don’t make your kitchen stand out as it will decrease the value of your house. Secondly, you need to choose high-quality paint for the walls! Paint that is stain resistant and can endure cooking is essential for kitchens.

4. Not thinking about the dining area

Not everyone is lucky to have a spacious kitchen with a separate dining area. In fact, more people have smaller kitchens! Because of that, you need to think about the best way possible to use the space you have. What does a dining area have to do with it?

Instead of neglecting the dining area and cramming it in the corner last minute, incorporate it into the plan! Whether you live alone, with a partner or family, you need to think in advance and leave enough space for everyone!

5. Neglecting the lights

One of the worst mistakes you can make is neglecting the lights in your kitchen. No matter where your kitchen is located, you need to consider lighting beforehand. So, what kind of lights do you need?

One of the first things each kitchen should have is access to natural light. Everything looks better in pure sunlight, plus, you?re saving money on the electricity bill. However, conditions aren?t always ideal. That?s why you?ll need to install artificial lights. Make sure you implement strong LED lights in the ceiling. On top of that, for aesthetic purposes, you can install wall or cabinet lights in your kitchen.

6. Underestimating the storage

From different pots, pans and plates, over glasses, bowls and cutlery, to the food and other essentials, the kitchen is a space with a wide diversity of items in it. Even though you may think fitting all of these things would be easy, don?t underestimate the storage.

One of the first things you need to think about is the pantry. Make sure you plan enough space for it in your kitchen. On top of that, you?ll need to learn how to organise the pantry to fit more items in it. On top of that, to calculate exactly how much space you need, put together a list of items and gadgets for the kitchen and act accordingly.

7. Forgetting about the ventilation

The smell of cooking may be delightful and dreadful at the same time. Even though it may increase your appetite, you surely don?t want your other rooms smelling like fried oil and onions! Because of that, you mustn?t forget about the ventilation in your kitchen!

By installing the ventilation, you?re preventing the smells from ruining your furniture. This is vital in open space kitchens. On top of that, cooking can create moisture and dampness that can ruin your entire home. Therefore, you should plan a cooker hood with a fan that draws unwanted smells from your space.

8. Leaving out the plugs

Many people get so carried away by designing the way the kitchen would look that they forget about the power and plugs they need to install. You can?t have a kitchen without plugs. Where will you plug your fridge, stove and freezer? 

On top of that, many small kitchen appliances, like a toaster require electricity to work, so you mustn?t forget about the power and the plugs when renovating the kitchen. If you?re planning on changing the complete layout, you?ll probably have to move the plugs as well! So, think about that when planning a layout.

9. Skimping on cabinets

Cabinets can easily be one of the most important elements in the kitchen. Skimping on them can be a huge mistake. Why? They provide you with plenty of workspace for cooking and storage space for your appliances and dishes. On top of that, they add special charm to your kitchen!

Renovating your kitchen is a great opportunity to pick new cabinets or replace the countertops. Follow the trend of kitchen countertops to know what kind should you pick for your space. No matter the design and colour of your cabinets, you need to ensure they are easy to clean and maintain. Functionality over the looks!

10. Picking a trendy design

You may wonder what is wrong with a trendy design. However, trends come and go. Next season may bring something new you?d like more, but renovating your kitchen again is an expensive and unnecessary process. So, what can you do?

Instead of following trends, pick a design that will last. It can be anything popular for a long time. For example, an all-white kitchen, or modern black and grey one. If you pick a lasting trend, you’ll increase the value of your home and love your kitchen even more!

11. Neglecting the plumbing

A lot of people forget about the pipes when renovating their kitchen. However, for a functional and practical kitchen, you need water inflow and outflow that will match your new, planned layout. So, what do you need to do?

If you?re planning on switching up the layout and having a kitchen aisle with a sink on it, you need to make sure that plumbing is done correctly. So, consider contacting professionals, such as the best Canberra plumbers, who can help you fix, move and maintain pipes, and other plumbing issues you may face on the way. Having an expert by your side is essential in these kinds of projects. 

12. Letting the rubbish pile-up

Even though it may seem insignificant, having a rubbish bin in your kitchen is a crucial element you mustn?t miss. Many individuals forget about the garbage can in their kitchens, so the trash piles up in plastic bags and all over the place.

So, if you want a clean kitchen once you?ve done with your renovations, ensure to implement a rubbish bin. It doesn?t have to be placed on a visible spot. Hiding it in the kitchen cabinet will minimise the smell and preserve the aesthetic of your space.


As you can see, these are the most important things you should avoid when renovating your kitchen. Whether you’re planning on keeping the existing layout or choosing a completely new one, you need to be aware of the space you have available and the installations that are already there. So, if you’re ready to indulge in this project, create a thorough and comprehensive plan that will guide you through the process and help you finish as soon as possible.

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