How Antimicrobial Coating Protects Your Tractor From Harmful Microbes?

    antimicrobial coating

    For good health or life, it is important that we are safe from harmful bacterias. So, for this, people use many safety elements like sanitizer. But have you ever thought that your vehicle or tractor also gives you serious health issues because your tractor is the house of many harmful germs?

    Many surveys say that if vehicles are not sanitized or clean regularly can be the biggest cause of more than six hundred species of microbes. Microbes include a virus, fungi, and bacteria which is very harmful to humans. Hence, to keep your tractor germs free, there is a coating or shield available, antimicrobial coating. The coating protects your tractor from harmful germs and also keeps your tractor microbes free.

    In this blog, we provide details about the antimicrobial coating that protects your tractor from harmful bacteria.

    Cleaning & Sanitization Is Not Same

    Cleaning and sanitization is not the same process. Many farmers are confused between the cleaning and sanitization. The cleaning also needs soap and water to clean the parts of tractors and sanitization needs an alcohol-based sanitizing for spraying.

    What is an Antimicrobial Coating

    The antimicrobial coating is not a simple process of sanitizing or cleaning with soap water. It’s a clinically proven process that protects tractor, bike, cars and other vehicles from harmful germs. In this pandemic situation, the antimicrobial coating provides safety not only to your vehicle but also you & your family. It can prevent the rapid growth of highly contagious droplet-based viruses such as ?SARS?.

    The new generation of antimicrobial treatment specially formulated chemicals with no side effects. The antimicrobial coating also covers every part of the tractor inside and outside can be protected against germs. It correctly applied to any rough and smooth metal surfaces, leather, polythene-based laminated surfaces, fabrics, and rubber.

    The Fine Coating

    The experts treat your tractor with special sprayers and tools that create a slight coating on every surface of your vehicle. The layer includes an especially formulated chemical that immediately kills all the germs and doesn?t allow any germs to form on the surface where applied. The treatment keeps your tractor germs free for an extended period.

    Antimicrobial For Tractors

    The germ shield of antimicrobial remains effective for 90 days. The popular treatment kills 99.99 germs. However, it immediately prevents hundreds of species of disease-causing pathogens & it has no side-effects. As the coating is formed, the germs will not transfer from human bodies to the vehicle and vice versa. It is the best method of maintaining hygiene and stopping the spread of any contagious disease.

    Materials Used in Antimicrobial Coating

    There are various types of material used in a coating that makes the shield more effective and protective. Have a look.

    1. Silver Nanoparticles

    The material has a bactericidal effect within 1-10 nm range. As per the name, this material is suitable for nanoparticles.

    2. Dendrimers

    Dendrimers have the ability to traverse the cellular membrane that is why it is used in the antimicrobial coating.

    3. Polymer Brushes

    Following are the polymer brushes that used in coating

    • Functionalized polymer brushes
    • Brushes comprising bactericidal polymers
    • Non-Fouling polymer brushes

    4. Polycationic Hydrogel

    The material includes an antimicrobial hydrogel, used on dimethyl-dodecyl ammonium chitosan-graft-poly(ethylene glycol)methacrylate poly(ethylene glycol)diacrylate. The material is the main reason for microbial death.

    5. Copper and Its Alloys

    The copper and its alloy are the best antimicrobial elements used in an antimicrobial shield. Hence, Its alloy includes brass, bronze, cupronickel, and copper-nickel-zinc, are natural antibacterial materials. 

    6. Graphene Materials

    These materials include graphite, graphene oxides, fullerenes, pristine, graphite oxides, and pristine graphene sheets. Graphene material resists the growth of microbes because of disrupting of oxidative stress, entrapment of microorganisms, and bacterial membrane.

    Benefits of Antimicrobial Coating

    • Antimicrobial is the best coating that provides proper protection to your vehicle or tractor from dangerous bacterias and germs.
    • The coating is suitable for leather, metal, fabrics and rubber. So, we can say that it protects the inner part and the outer part of the vehicle.
    • Additionally, it can cover the seat, metal body and many other parts of the tractor and keep the vehicle free from bacteria and germs.
    • The antimicrobial coating is a cost-effective shield.
    • The coating or shield lasts longer for vehicles.
    • The antimicrobial coating also helps to resist the spread of diseases or infections to a large extent.

    These are all about the antimicrobial coating that protects you and your vehicle from viruses or microbes. We hope you liked this blog and delighted with it. For more details related to Vst mini tractor price, stay tuned with us.

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