5 Best YouTube to MP3 Converters: How to Convert YouTube to MP3 Online

Youtube is one of the most famous platforms for video content. It is very popular amongst the young generation. Statistically, 81% of the whole USA residents between the age span of 15 to 25 years prefer watching videos on Youtube. There is a lot of video content that we love to have in our playlist. oDownloader is one of the most popular online converting tools.

Thigh you will get a bunch of free and also paid online tools for converting and downloading not only youtube videos but also videos from other websites. Here are the best 5 Youtube to MP3 converters.



  • oDownloader not only converts and downloads YouTube videos but also offers the same feature to use with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and many more.
  • It allows you to download videos with high resolution. Up to 4K.
  • By using the chrome extension to oDownloader, you do not need to open this tool each time you want to download any video from Youtube and other supported websites. You can directly from the extension menu, you can use it.
  • Like many other online tools, this tool does not ask to download any other program while downloading high-quality files.
  • The web version and the chrome extension, both forms of oDownloader, offer again convenient and easy to use user interface.

MP3 Studio

MP3 Studio is one of the topmost Youtube video downloader tools with batch downloading and multiple format options. It allows you to download videos with high resolution. The free version of this tool permits you 3 conversions per day. It also offers a monthly plan and a lifetime unlimited conversion plan as well.


  • It offers an unlimited download speed.
  • It also provides cloud service support.
  • It lets you convert and download videos up to a resolution of 8K.
  • You can download the complete Youtube channel or playlist.
  • Besides mp3 and mp4, it also converts audio and videos into different formats.
  • You can do unlimited multi downloads.
  • Offers a user-friendly interface.
  • 23 language options are available as the user interface.
  • You can convert and download multiple videos from different websites at the same time.
  • It allows you to convert and download videos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Soundcloud apart from Youtube.

Youtube By Click

It is best for converting and downloading youtube videos to various formats. With a free service, it also has a paid premium version with a lot more features.


  • Using this online tool you will be able to convert and download videos to a resolution of 720p, 1020p, 4K, and 8K.
  • You also can download some private videos from Facebook and Youtube.
  • Mp3, 3GP, mp4 are some of the formats that are available with this tool.
  • You can download videos from any website.
  • The very name �Youtube By Click� itself is a feature.


It offers a free trial for only 24 hours. With the paid lifetime license you can use all the features.


  • It is available in both macOS and windows.
  • With a user-friendly interface, it is super easy to use.
  • Offers a fast download speed.
  • It has a proxy within the app in order to download from those websites that are blocked in your region.
  • You will get a lot of resolution options like 720p, 1020p, 2K, 4K, 8K, and more.
  • You can download more than one video from different websites at the same time.
  • It lets you download Youtube channels, playlists, VR, and 3D videos.
  • It lets you convert and download videos from more than 900 websites including Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and obviously Youtube.


You can download and convert any youtube video to mp3 and also edit short videos with the free version. It also offers paid one year, lifetime and family licence as well.


  • It supports all rare and popular codecs or formats.
  • With a fast speed, this tool is also 100% safe and clean.
  • You can record Youtube live videos as well. In addition to that, you also can trim, cut, crop, rotate, merge, correct fisheye, deshake, and many more.
  • Including Youtube, you also can download videos from more than 1000 websites.
  • This tool is able to convert videos and audios into mp3 with more than 420 format options.

How To Convert Youtube To Mp3 Online?

Now as you know the five best online converters from youtube to mp3, you can start enjoying youtube content in mp3 format. But in order to do that, you also need to know how to convert youtube to mp3. Different online converters have different methods of conversion. However, the basic algorithm is the same for all. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to convert.

  • First, you need to copy the specific Youtube video URL that you want to convert.
  • There will be a search bar when you open the online converter. Past the link on the search bar.
  • Now choose your desired audio or video format along with the preferable quality, such as 720p or 1020p or 2K or 4K.
  • After you click on any of the menus, the youtube video will be converted and start downloading. 

Now your mp3 is ready. Enjoy it anywhere and everywhere without the internet. In order to enjoy any content to its maximum, it is important to have the right format. A proper resolution offers a great experience. On the other hand, a bad resolution can ruin your whole experience. So, you need to be careful and should pay special attention while selecting the file format.


Apart from the above mentioned five online tools, there are several other paid and also free online tools are also available for converting Youtube video to mp3. You can also try 4K Video Downloader, aTube Catcher, DVDVideo Soft, y2mate, and many more. Youtube has its own copyright policies and it is very strict about them. One can not download, sell, or lend any of the contents from YouTube without prior permission. Legal action will be taken for any illegal download or video usage. So, make sure to pay attention to those laws before downloading.

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