A Seasonal Allergy Survival Kit for Your Furry Family Member

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Did you know that pets can also have food allergies? Just like us, food allergies are quite common in cats and dogs. So, before you go to buy pet food online in India, you should take a look at the list of ingredients present in pet food.

Talking about allergies, if you’re a pet owner, you might be well aware of seasonal pet allergies. But for all the new paw parents or those who want to adopt a furball into their lives, you must be well-prepared for the seasonal allergy symptoms in your pets. Dust mites in the house and the tiny particles of skin from humans and other pets cause allergies all year. They’re always present in our homes, even if we keep things clean! In some houses, these allergy triggers might have a stronger effect, especially in the fall and winter.

Understanding how seasonal allergies affect pets:

Allergies can be painful for your paws. Unlike us, they can’t explain what’s going on with them, so for new paw-parents, it can be hard to recognize them. Some pets show skin itchiness, skin rashes, respiratory signs, or watery eyes, while others may show all of them. If your pet has more than one allergy, it can also become complicated, and the situation may become worse. So, the next time you buy pet food and accessories online in India, keep in mind that some of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions in your pet.

Identifying Seasonal Allergies:

The best way to identify pet allergies is through allergy testing. It also helps you pinpoint the substances causing reactions. Your vet may inject various allergens into your pet’s skin, and if red bumps appear, it indicates an allergy. Identifying triggers helps in creating an effective treatment plan. While medications can help, always consult a vet before giving your pet any. Your vet may suggest creams, antihistamines, or other medications based on the pet’s specific needs.

Recognizing Symptoms of Seasonal Allergies in Pets:

  • Itching: Seasonal allergies can make your dog or cat itch a lot. If your pet is scratching all the time, it might be because of allergies. The itching can happen around the eyes, mouth, paws, armpits, belly, thighs, and backside.
  • Biting and Licking: Sometimes pets resort to biting or licking their infected areas to relieve the itchiness.
  • Ear Infections: Seasonal allergies can cause ear infections. The symptoms include scratching, redness, discharge, odor, and crusts.

Tips to Help Your Pet Cope with Seasonal Allergies:

  • Regular Baths: Schedule frequent baths for your pet to remove allergens caught in their fur. Use hypoallergenic shampoos or products with oatmeal to soothe their skin.
  • Paw Wiping: After outdoor activities, wipe your pet’s paws with a soft cloth to remove pollen. Removing your shoes when entering the house can also prevent allergens from spreading.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Provide your pet with Omega-3 fatty acid supplements to maintain healthy skin and alleviate the effects of seasonal allergies. On Pink Paws’ official website, you can buy pet food and supplements online in India.

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