Cheapest Self Driving Cars in the United States

    Self-driving vehicles are a new trendsetter and extreme demand is seen among users globally. The hype of self-driving cars hasn?t cleared the assumption that the vehicle cannot operate in any drastic weather condition. It requires operating with the driver?s command in any underlying weather conditions or any unforeseen incidents.

    The impressive technologies loaded in the self-driving vehicles blow the mind off and make driving exciting, more fun. The steer clear functions of the electric and self-driving cars reduce the driver?s stress and make it quite fun to use in the future. These cheapest self-driving cars come with a range of driver assistance features such as Cadillac super cruise control, Tesla  Autopilot, automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, and much more.

    Different Levels of Self-Driving

    Level 0

    Level 0 requires the driver to control the vehicle and comes loaded with a series of active safety features. It alerts the driver to control the vehicle and alerts them to take the right decision.

    Level 1

    Level 1 self-driving technology has a range of driver assistance technology that requires following the proper functions to avoid accidents and unforeseen circumstances.

    Level 2 

    Level 2 has high-end technologies onboard that also require the driver to be concentrate stay focused while driving. The sensor alerts the driver to let go of the steering wheel to enjoy the driver when technology monitor.

    Level 3

    In this technology, the vehicle takes full control and allows the driver to sit back and relax and reach the destination. It requires the driver to take control of the vehicle when there?s a drastic condition.

    Level 4

    Level 4 self-driving vehicles can run in any weather and road conditions.

    Level 5

    At Level 5 technology touch the sky and allow you to experience the future of self-driving cars.

    Here is the list of cheapest self-driving cars

    Tesla Model S

    Model S electric sedan pumped up with the cutting edge technology. Tesla has a suite of driver assistance technologies such as Autopilot, a full-self driving capability package, automatic parking assist, and sensors that detect the motion to allow the driver to move or resist. Model S has a heavy battery package and delivers a long-range than its competitors.

    BMW X7

    The luxury SUV top the charts with its turbocharged engine and performance with refined handling. X7 is the almost cheapest self-driving car available for sale at BMW of San Francisco. The luxury SUV offers an incredible towing capability and fuel efficiency that adds to the value and delivers an exciting hands-free and alerting performance.

    Volvo XC60

    Volvo is prominently known for its performance and technology that makes the ride joyous and fun. Volvo Pilot Assist hands-on system allows the driver to operate till 80 mph and maintain the proper speed when accelerated at high speeds. 

    XC60 has stunning looks, elegant designs, and comfortable seats for the long journey. The vehicle accelerates faster with the turbocharged four-cylinder engine pumps out 250 horsepower along with the hybrid powertrain. Discover the line-up at Berge Volkswagen.

    Mercedes Benz S Class

    The luxury vehicle Benz tops the competition in a luxury sedan with the exhilarating power, performance, and mystical features that turn up the whole vibe. S-Class is what you need to stand out from the crowd with its premium features i.e. reclining seats, quad-zone climate control.

    The self-driving technology in the S-Class saves the life when the sensor alerts the drive and issue warnings to safeguard the lives. It comes with a series of active safety features such as Night Vision, steering wheel assist, and the list goes on. The driving technology takes control or informs the driver to take steps to avoid unforeseen circumstances.


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