Advice on washing machines

    The moment you need a new washing machine, it is important that you know what to look for. Here we give advice and tips on what you should pay attention to when buying a washing machine and tips when using a washing machine. For example, it is important that you pay attention to the type of washing machine, do you prefer a washing machine front loading, washing machine top loading or washer-dryer combination? And which filling weight and speed is best suited for you, based on your family composition? The special washing programs of the washing machine can be a particularly good addition to your lifestyle and situation. And finally, we give advice on the energy consumption and the noise level for washing and spinning.

    Tips when buying a washing machine

    Delay start or delay end function: If you are away from home a lot, the ‘delay start’ option is very useful. With this you set the washing machine at a time when you want the washing machine to start running. When you come home, the laundry is done and you can hang it up immediately. This option is also useful if you want to run the laundry overnight. A variant of the start delay function is the end time delay function. This allows you to set exactly when the wash should be finished.

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    Antibacterial materials: Always washing at a low temperature is better for the environment but not always good for your clothes. Bacteria can remain that can cause stains. Today there are machines that are equipped with antibacterial materials, such as a self-cleaning detergent drawer. This prevents detergent residues from being left behind and your delicate wool laundry is not washed with a residual detergent for white laundry.

    Drums for gentle washing: The current generation of washing drums is different from the past. Careful laundry is a top priority in the development. Various brands provide the washing machine with a drum that is also safe for delicate laundry. Another trend is that the drums are also becoming quieter. This means that you have less noise pollution from your washing machine.

    Dosage of the detergent: How much detergent do you need? Is the laundry really dirty? Because how do you determine how much detergent you need and how much you need to remove all the dirt? Many people use just a little too much detergent just to be safe. That way it is guaranteed to be clean. This costs a lot of extra money, because detergent is not cheap and the washing machine uses more water to rinse all that excess detergent from the laundry. The solution is a washing machine with a dosing system. In a reservoir you can add detergent and fabric softener for a number of washes. The washing machine measures the degree of soiling and the load and then adjusts the consumption accordingly. The result is radiantly clean laundry and optimum water consumption.

    Tips when using a washing machine

    Buying a washing machine is a significant expense. Of course you also want to be able to use it for a few years. The life expectancy of a washing machine depends partly on the quality of the washing machine itself, and partly on how you handle it. In any case, the following things are good for your washing machine: do not overfill the drum, wash underwire bras in a laundry bag, regularly clean the detergent drawer, check the rubber ring around the door for damage, clean the fluff filter and check the drain filter on leftover objects, occasionally flush the inlet hose completely and run the washing machine at 90 degrees once a month, without washing. This removes the soap residue and prevents mold from forming.


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