Hat against mosquitoes: do’s and don’ts


Mosquito bites in the heat? All the itchy mosquito bites on your body are no fun. That’s why we’ve listed the best tips for repelling mosquitoes (or for those who come near you). And we’ll tell you right away that there’s a myth dealing with mosquitoes?

Useless solution against mosquitoes

When you ask friends and acquaintances how they fight mosquitoes, you will probably get a lot of different advice. However, there are many misconceptions about chasing these violent bastards. So let’s first talk about a fairy tale concept: Now that we know this, it can be said with certainty that the following techniques will not help against mosquitoes:�


Turn off all lights

The point of lighting is not that more mosquitoes fly suddenly at night. Its explanation is actually simple. These insects sleep during the day and only look for food (your blood) in the evening to develop their eggs. The moment you turn on the lights, they become active. Mosquitoes notice your body heat even from a distance of 20 meters and so you know where to find you even if you are sitting in the dark.

Cover yourself with scented clouds, after shaving or citronella

Your body odor is mainly influenced by bacteria that live deep in the pores of your skin. It has little effect on yourself. Everyone has their own body odor. So it�s possible that mosquitoes make you feel �tastier� than your partner, child or other family members! The sweeter your scent, the less interested you are in mosquitoes. Your body odor is hard to disguise. A citronella candle therefore does not keep insects away. Also with a sweet scent or after shaving you unfortunately will not deceive the mosquito (but the people in your house will definitely appreciate it).

Resist mosquitoes with salt

Mosquitoes do not like smoke. However, special anti-mosquito incense is not effective. The smell of your body is more attractive than the smell of insects as much as the smell of incense traps them. To keep mosquitoes at a distance, you need to smoke them, for example by lighting a fire pit or barbecue. But sitting in the smoke all evening to avoid stings is a different matter …

This is how you repel mosquitoes: solutions that are effective

Despite all the perfume, incense and well-planned advice: you are still a victim of mosquitoes. So what can be done against these evil insects? The following tips have been shown to be effective in repelling mosquitoes.�

Put curtains on windows and doors

Keeping all windows and doors closed all summer is especially effective in repelling mosquitoes, but no less pleasant for yourself. To still enjoy the fresh air without paying for a mosquito bite, you can close your home with curtains and curtains in front of each window. Don’t skimp on purchases and purchase fine fitting, fine mesh screens. After all, insects only need a small opening to enter. It�s not the cheapest solution, but you�ll enjoy it year after year.

Sleeping under a mosquito net

During the day you are very alert and you defeat every mosquito just in time like a real ninja. But as soon as you fall asleep they still hit, causing you to wake up full of red bumps … Buy a mosquito net so that the insects can no longer reach your bed. These are available in different colors and models. A mosquito net gives your bedroom a luxurious look and children also like to sleep under a beautiful colored mosquito net.�

Old but gold: flying swatters

Can’t you sleep after eating mosquito nets because of the buzz in your bedroom? Then confront the offender. A fly swatter is very effective against mosquitoes. With an electric fly swatter you hit the target much easier than a simple one. Plus: it doesn�t stain your walls.�

Avoid standing water

Do you live by the river or near a ditch? Chances are your mosquito has a lot of problems. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water. A small amount of water is enough for this. So pay attention even if the sewer is stuck or if you have a rain barrel in place. Make sure that the rain barrel empties frequently and can drain the water by clearing the clogged drains. Otherwise there is a possibility of mosquito infestation in your garden.

Where perfume and citronella don�t adequately hide your body odor, DEET does. It is the only product that has been scientifically proven to have a very strong insect repellent effect. It is also used as protection against ticks and malaria mosquitoes during long journeys. Sprays, lotions and gels are available at the pharmacy up to 50% DEET.


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