8 Tips to Improve Your Bathroom and Add Value to Your Home

The value of a property increases when the bathrooms are remodeled, because it generates added value in houses and apartments. Therefore, it will always be a good option to invest in the renovation of bathroom.

On the one hand, we have the social bathrooms that, in most cases, are configured only with a sink and toilet. There are also private bathrooms located in the rooms or next to them, which also have showers, tubs, bidets, etc. 

1. The toilet and sink areas should not have too much contrast or color

If they also have a shower, since the details that attract attention should be in this space. The recommendation is that in the dry area we should try to use ceramics of a single tone or similar tones, depending on the size, configuration and lighting of the bathroom. It is valid to use details such as borders or meshes to divide the spaces so that we can balance the upper and lower space if necessary or play with configurations that align with the mirror, toilet or sink to highlight these accessories but that in any circumstance they are complementary And don’t be the only ones stealing the spotlight.

renovation of bathroom.

2. If the bathroom is low, vertical details will make them look taller

If the bathroom is very narrow, the horizontal details will make us gain “visual width”, we can also use resources such as spacious decorations that separate the sink from the toilet, and this will make the bathroom look wider than it is. For the expert, it is advisable to have a “more minimalist” bathroom where we do not have more than is strictly necessary because “less is more”.

3. No matter what size the shower is, you can make the most of it in design and decoration.

The recommendation is to use glass partitions. The highest cost of the showers is in the hardware that is why it is recommended to use the hinged ones, they have a lower price than the rest of the systems and offer a subtle and elegant appearance.

4. for small bathrooms, light tones

They generate spaciousness and lighting. The colors that will never go out of style: beige, light gray, light blue, pale cream, white, etc. For these mini spaces, ceramic tiles in large formats should be used on the floor since seeing fewer divisions eliminates the filling effect, making the space look wider. For the walls it is good to put glossy finishes, the reflections expand the space and give light.

5. For large bathrooms you can use dark colors such as black, gray in all its variants, navy blue, brown and terracotta. It is also recommended to use pieces in a matte finish, installations with smaller formats, more charged designs, etc.

6. If the shower space is large, you can include a tower shower with a hydro-massage machine.

8. The majority of fashionable sinks are superimposed on wooden furniture or natural stone countertops in a square, rectangular or circular shape, the vast majority are in ceramic or porcelain. In terms of color, the trend is light tones ranging from white to beige and in some cases very light colors reaching almost white and what they are looking for is greater hygiene.