7 Tips for Staying Fashionable on A Budget

You know that feeling when you?re not just having a great hair day, but your outfit is also on point? An outfit or an occasion when you felt like that already popped on your mind, hasn?t it? That one is probably something you carefully selected to match your style and the budget. However, even with the best outfits in our closet, we still want to add a bit of novelty, while making sure we stay within a budget.

Create a style vision board

If you want to make the best out of your shopping budget, you need to know what you need. It’s easy to stray away and get an item that?s on sale, but that doesn?t fit your style. The solution to this is to create a style vision board. You can use Pinterest to collect images of stylish combinations and separate pieces you?d like to own.

stylish combinations

Make sure to add the images of items you already have, so you?ll know what?s missing from your wardrobe. Next, whenever you?re around your favourite shops, you?ll have a clear image of your style vision board in mind. This will help you identify an item that will fit your wardrobe, once you see it.

Think beyond that one special occasion

While getting a dress or a suit for that one special occasion has something exciting about it, it can be a waste of money. Sometimes these splurges are worth it. But, what if you can look beyond that one special occasion? Try to think of at least three other suitable occasions where this outfit will be a suitable combination. If you can?t think of other occasions, it means this item is for one occasion only. Aim for pieces that can be easily combined and that are versatile. This way you?ll give them more than one life and one occasion.

?One day when I get fitter? …

?Oh, this skirt will look fabulous when I lose two pounds?. When and If premises can cost you a lot in the long run. You?ll have a closet full of clothes you can?t wear and a significantly lower budget. Truly stylish people are seen that way because they dress for their shape and size. Simply put, they wear clothes that fit, that are complementary to their body shape and suitable size. Go for items that will emphasize your best traits while concealing flaws. Don?t wear clothes that are smaller or larger, even if you fell in love with them at the store. Even buying a piece of clothing that is a bit larger isn?t the right strategy because it won?t fit as perfectly. So, stick to your size and find clothes that fit.

The Classics

The classics will never go out of style since they will never be replaced by trendy items. The current fashion trends are simply a reincarnation of a previous trend in a different colour. So, when you see a new and trendy piece, such as a crop top, consider how you may pair it with your wardrobe’s classics. Classic elements include a little black dress, a leather jacket, a good pair of jeans, a white shirt, a black blazer, and a trench coat.

Furthermore, these pieces are quite versatile and can be simply mixed and matched with the most recent trends. If you don?t own the classics from our list or the ones that are dated, go on the hunt. This can be a one-time investment if you pick quality pieces even if they cost a bit more than the ones on sale.

Style is in the right details

A fitted black dress that accentuates your figure and goes just beyond your knees, will look better if you cinch it at the waist with a slim belt. If it has a golden buckle, wear golden earrings, if it has a silver buckle wear silver earrings. You can even consider getting an additional ear piercing and embellish your ears with the second and third earrings. Work on getting the right accessories that will easily transform a basic piece into a stylish outfit. From purses, belts, jewellery, scarves to shoes, each detail will add a new life to an outfit.

Create uniforms

What if you could make several combinations for your everyday which you consider as your uniform. You won?t waste time in the morning thinking about what you?re going to wear. Instead, your uniforms will be all ready for you to dress quickly and make it to work on time. When creating your uniform, pick those items that always fit great, look great and feel stylish.

Focus on keeping everything simple, as you?ll never make a wrong choice with your uniform. You can wear a white shirt with well-fitted jeans and only change the shoes. A fitted blazer of any colour goes well with this combo. You can also wear a pencil skirt or a pleated skirt with this white shirt.

Add a leather jacket to the mix and the outfit will look like a bomb. We?ve given you several ideas that revolve around a single white shirt. The possibilities are endless. You just need to dive into your wardrobe and make a plan.

Swap clothes

The general rule of the wardrobe should be – one new piece in, one old piece out. This way you won?t create clutter. Also, you?ll only buy something new if you?re ready to throw something out. If the idea of throwing clothes makes you uncomfortable, swap clothes with friends. This way, something you no longer wear will get a second life and you?ll also receive something your wardrobe needs. Lastly, you won?t break the budget.

We hope to inspire you to make smarter buying choices and learn how to buy smarter and stay within your budget. In the end, style is not about how expensive your clothes are, it?s how you wear them and combine them.