Key Tips on Wedding Suit Styles in 2022

Generally, brides have termed fashion icons in weddings, but grooms nowadays aren’t even behind. They are becoming more focused on their looks. And their outfit plays a vital role in making them set a fashion statement at the wedding.

Are you seeking a perfect suit to wear on your Big Day? If so, start it by hoping to a suitable suit tailor in your region. Is your wedding ahead? The dressing style will enhance your entire look, so it is essential to follow the trend.

Well, in this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 wedding suit styles in 2022. So let’s study together on groom suit styles going with the trend. Check out!

Top 10 Trending Wedding Suit Styles

1. Slim-Fit Suit

A tailored fit suit is the first style we would love to consider in 2022. Well, it’s an evergreen fashion loved by many grooms. You must choose a suit tailor with years of experience to wear this first. Consider visiting the best one because your wedding suit has to be the perfect one. So don’t take any chances!

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Basically, a slim-fit suit is a snug, still having a comfortable fitting that tapers a little at the ankle and waist. It provides a sharp and neat look with a retro touch.

2. Rock on With White

Who says white only belongs to the bride. Well, a groom is free to choose their color at their wedding. There is no rule that only brides are allowed to wear whites. So, a full white suite look will surely steal many hearts.

In many wedding ceremonies of 2022, grooms are seen wearing white. Also, it will add a touch of twinning with their bride.

You will see many varieties in white such as Dawson, Cole, Spectre, Casablanca, and so on. When you are purchasing a suit fabric, the quality has to be good. So, if you think white is a perfect color for you, then go for it.

3. Microprints

In 2021, groom was seen loving miniature prints on their suit. And it continued in 2022; microprint is still a fashion in weddings.

The very tiny print patterns add luxury to groom wear. These print trends mostly appear in ties, waistcoats, jackets, and other cloth in between.

If you want to rock this look, then there is a simple rule. Wear a microprint blazer and keep the pants and shirt simple (with some bold color like black, white, or blue), or wear a microprint tie and keep the shirt plain, much more.

4. Large Check Prints

Do you want to create relaxed yet attractive vibes with your suit at your wedding? Well, we have a perfect option.

In 2022, while choosing a suit, remember bigger prints look much better! It means oversized checks on your suit will look perfectly incredible. Make sure to choose bespoke tailoring for your wedding so that you can look great in an event. Well, this style will look great in photographs too. So, this wedding season, amaze your guest with your oversized check print suit style.

5. Velvet Suit

A velvet suit is seen as the most used outfit by the groom in 2022 weddings. Due to qualities like thicker and richer fabric, many love wearing it. If your wedding date is in the spring season, add a bow or ties of velvet to your suit. Also, pair your velvet suit with formal shoes.

You can stick to any dark color like blue, black, maroon, green, and so on. Velvet suits look great in dark styles. So, choose a velvet suit to look perfectly different.

6. Tweed for Summers

Do you want to create a rustic look at your wedding? Well, you can try a tweed groom’s wear look. Choose a traditional tweed suit for your summer or sunny spring day wedding.

Go for a textured fabric waistcoat or jacket to create a rustic look. It will help you to create a perfect look for your house-style venue.

7. Try Different Colors

You might have seen most of the grooms in black, gray, or blue shades. But in 2022, the color trend for suits has changed to burgundy and wine. No doubt, this color looks great with bespoke tailoring style for every personality. As well as this combo will set a style statement on your wedding day.

Grooms are experimenting with different shades. So, choosing maroon, wine, or burgundy is perfect because it is easy to pair with different shirts or ties. If you add a white, black, blue, and even red color shirt, it will work with these bold color suits.

8. Soft Neutral Colors

If you have an outdoor venue for your wedding, try for soft neutral colors. Well, the outdoor wedding has changed groom attire in 2022. Many men had been seen wearing neutral colors like off-white and olive green, browns and tans, and others on their wedding day. It adds a personality and twins your suit with the wedding venue.

So what do you need to do? First, choose a suitable tailor for creating your wedding dress. Step out of your comfort zone and opt for some non-traditional neutral look on your Big Day.

9. Embroidered Partner’s Name

It may sound weird, but personalization is the new normal in 2022. These days, grooms are finding different ways for adding a unique look on the wedding day. So, instead of adding pocket squares to their suit, they are heading towards a personalized touch. Grooms are embroidering their partner’s name under their collars of shirt or suit. Ask the suit tailor if they can add an embroidered name on the collars. Surely, you will get it done with ease.

10. Waistcoat

One more choice is wearing a waistcoat to play safely at your wedding. Well, you can pair a waistcoat with the color of your trousers or jacket. However, it’s not mandatory to wear a waistcoat, but it adds a statement to your entire look.


Hopefully, this article has cleared your troubles to find the latest trends of 2022. Now you are enabled to select the latest style outfit. Grooms should choose the right suit tailor for a perfectly fitted outfit.

It’s a Big Day, so you need to look your best on the day. Select a high-quality suit fabric from an authentic supplier. Make sure material isn’t cheaper in look or quality. Enjoy every part of your wedding!

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