7 Great Things to Do in Bangkok for Couples

bangkok for couples

Bangkok has become an instant hit among people from all walks of life as a great tourist destination, thanks to its many attractions and a certain charm that makes people fall in love with it and come back again and again. If you are planning to look for and book a Delhi to Bangkok tour package, then it is important for you to take a look at what this gorgeous, tourist-friendly city has to offer you. And if it is an adventure as a couple that you are looking for, then Bangkok is the perfect place for you.

bangkok for couples
  • Apsara River Cruise: Go sailing down the Apsara River with  your better half in tow, and you will see why Bangkok is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. With the calm river making way for the serenely floating boat, watching a sunset in a city was never this great. The sky is colored myriad shades of the palette, whereas the softly crooning sounds of the river parting is a great way to connect with nature.
  • Get a Couple?s Spa Therapy: Bangkok, nee Thailand itself, should be renamed as the spa capital of the world. With the entire world looking at them for the best procedures and therapies, Bangkok offers some of the best couples spa therapies so that people can relax completely and feel at home despite traveling around. Make sure that you find out some time to do this when booking a Delhi to Bangkok tour package.
  • Go shopping in Chinatown: Chinatown in Bangkok is the ideal place to enjoy retail shopping at wholesale prices. Here, you can find a plethora of shops that will sell you everything from designer knockoffs to the real things, as well as some amazing local products as well. Purchase bags and accessories here at cheap prices, and enjoy a slew of local dishes prepared authentically.
  • Go cycling at Bang Krajao: Located just on the outskirts of Bangkok, the semi-wilderness area of Bang Krajao is somewhat unexplored still. It is a great place to go cycling, and you can easily hire one from near the area itself. The roads are well built, and there is a very scenic route that you can take, which will take you across small picturesque bridges, and small ponds where lotuses and other water flowers abound. This is one of the most romantic places that you will come across when you are on your Delhi to Bangkok tour package.
  • Visit the Floating Market: A really unique sight to behold in Bangkok is the floating market, where you see canoes and boats of all shapes and sizes go to and fro across the river selling their wares to locals and tourists. These shopkeepers sell anything from food to flowers, from raw vegetables and fruits to junk jewelry, and from accessories to apparels. All you need to do is look around you and find the perfect place for you to stand and look down upon the river when they are crossing it. You can also take your beloved on a small boat cruise, floating side by side of these little boat shops, as they are called.
  • Enjoy the nightlife: The nightlife in Bangkok is something to behold for sure. With some markets and specific areas keeping open for the entire night, it becomes a necessity to check this place out. Visit a few of the pubs in your area, and there are sure to be many, or spend the night exploring the Chatchuchak night market, which is open two nights a week, every week. Here you can let the shopaholic in you go to town buying souvenirs for your friends and family back home.
  • Ride the Sky Train: Riding the BTS Sky Train in Bangkok is a must do for couples who are looking to spend some time in one of the most advanced cities of the world. You can buy passes for cheap and visit some of the popular stops, where there are malls right in front of the station and they play loud music to accentuate the coolness of it all. This can be addictive, and trust me, it is a cheap way to travel, so make sure that you have planned enough time for this as a part of your Delhi to Bangkok tour package.

The above 7 reasons are only the tip of the iceberg here, because there are plenty of other reasons to visit Bangkok as far as souples are concerned. When booking your Delhi to Bangkok tour package, make sure to plan out an itinerary that will let you cover all these attractions and more. And why not, after all this destination is a big attraction among the newly married crowd as well as couples that have been together longer and are looking to reignite their passion. Visit this place for a fresh new perspective and for getting a new lease on life. Bangkok beckons, will you answer?


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