Don’t Ask These 10 Most Annoying Questions on Introverts

Annoying Questions on Introverts

I feel good while alone, I feel happy while alone, even I can think more better while I am alone but no one could understand this.

Have you ever got this question?

The minds of introverts are hard to guess and sometimes confuse people around them to say what. The introvert has his own world in solitude. Let me not say the wrong thing and not offend them.

 I came across an introvert in my job at Law Assignment Help UK, and I was amazed to see him, very shy and silent person he was but very nice. In this article, I will discuss for the 10 most annoying questions for the introvert you should avoid.

1. Why are you silent?

This is the question most often asked by an introvert. Almost all people with introverted personalities will definitely get this question. Usually the introvert only smiles when he hears this question. Yes, what do you want to answer, because basically introverts prefer weighty chat, get straight to the heart of the matter, and not much ado.

2. Do you actually have friends?

This question is probably the most common for the introvert. Just because an introvert looks more aloof doesn’t mean they don’t have friends. They prefer quality friendships with fewer people. Make no mistake, introverts will be people who talk a lot and behave strangely in front of his best friend.

3. Are you angry?

Because it is always silent, people around often assume it is angry because of something. No, they are not angry. The introvert just needs his own time to calm the mind in his way. So, let them enjoy their solitude.

4. At this hour how come I already want to go home?

Usually this question arises if the introvert is on an event that is attended by many people. For an introvert, the event in which many people come is a tiring thing. Their energy will be more drained when in a crowd. Noisy music parties or concerts are not a good place for them to refresh.

5. Have you ever liked someone?

The single introverts who usually get this bitter question. Because they never express what is on their minds, or never confide in, or maybe they don’t confide in with others, the introvert is often thought to never like the opposite sex. For them, it’s not important to tell others about their feelings. They prefer to keep it themselves.

6. Don’t get bored at home all the time?

“My home is my paradise”, roughly so felt by the introvert. The house is a free place for them to express anything, including doing strange things. The things that they cannot express in public, they do at home. Even some introverts are actually funny people. Basically they like to joke, but only with the closest people like family or friends, so their home is the most comfortable place.

7. Why don’t you ever want to be hang out?

If not with close friends, introverts feel uncomfortable going with other people. Hang out that should be fun, for them is torture. Instead of spending time with others, the introvert prefers to go home and read his favorite book.

8. Why don’t you like to socialize?

It’s not like you don’t like socializing or anti-social, the reason introverts don’t like meeting lots of people is because they don’t like lip service and don’t know how to start a chat. It is different if it is a weighty meeting, they will be enthusiastic about meeting other people.

9. Are you really serious?

For example, the introvert is involved in a gathering that is talking about small talk, but they only speak a thousand languages, then the question “really serious?” Talk, please! “Actually they are not as serious as thought. They just don’t know how to respond to the small talk because they are designed for weighty chat. They also will not say anything for fear of offending someone.

10. Have you ever been around?

Because you prefer to be at home, then you conclude that introverts don’t ever go out? You are wrong. Who says they don’t like it and they never go for a walk. Introverts also like the cool, fresh outside air. But the difference is, they prefer to travel with family or friends compared to random people. They also don’t like to leave the house if there is nothing to look for or do.

Avoid those questions if you don’t want to make the introvert uncomfortable. Let them do what they like and make them comfortable.

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