7 Home Decor Ideas To Enhance Your Fireplace

If your fireplace needs some decorative finishing touches or doesn’t coordinate with the rest of the decor in your home, you may need a fireplace upgrade. There are several simple ways to refresh the fireplace area such as adding a new coat of paint, replacing the brick or tile, or adding more decorative items to the fireplace. Take a look at some of these ideas when you want to make the fireplace one of the focal points of your home.

1. Establish Balance with Fireplace Mantel Decor

You can balance the visual impact of a black firebox by arranging furniture around the area. You can add a large mirror on top of the fireplace and matching sconces or candle holders. You can also add some smaller art pieces and accessories for the mantle to add more appeal to this area of the home. Adding tile to the fireplace that goes up to the ceiling can also add balance to the room and make the fireplace look bigger.

2. Paint the Fireplace Brick Limewash

Transforming the brick on your fireplace by painting it in an eye-catching color can easily make the fireplace the focal point of the room. Limewash brick paint allows you to paint existing brick in a way that provides the industrial look you want. You can also use white paint to make the room look more expansive or paint the fireplace in your favorite color to make the fireplace a conversation piece.

3. Install Colorful Fireplace Tile

Installing new tile can make a fireplace bold and visually appealing. Patterned tile can coordinate with the decorative theme in the room whether you prefer Mediterranean, Victorian, or industrial themes. You can also use limewash brick to give the fireplace a vintage look. You may also want to update the fireplace beams by painting them or replacing them to give the fireplace more texture.

4. Mount Fireplace Lighting

Bring the eyes directly to your fireplace with lighting that makes a statement. Add lighting on the ceiling to cast a light on the entire fireplace or use flanking lights to illuminate each side of the fireplace area. You can even add a tall lamp near the fireplace to showcase the decorations on the mantle.

5. Give the Fireplace Some Character and Streamline the Design

You can upgrade your fireplace while maintaining its original character. Keep the stonework or brick intact and add a mantle made from distressed wood. If your mantle is large or bulky, replace it with a sleek piece of wood, metal, or glass so the fireplace will blend in with the room and give the space a more modern look.

6. Create a Modern Fireplace with a Standout Mantlepiece

A sleek fireplace with a mantel design that is more traditional could feel more out of place if your living room has a modern decor theme. Geometric tiles and frame artwork can add visual interest to the fireplace while still allowing you to maintain your minimalist style. A new mantle that complements the material of the fireplace, such as a mental mantle with distressed brick or a wooden mantle with brick in a bold color can give the fireplace more character.

7. Create a Faux Fireplace and Add Accessories

If you don’t have a traditional fireplace in your home, you can create a faux fireplace in place of a chimney or firebox. You can mount a mantle on the wall which will give the illusion of a fireplace. Fill the firebox opening with containers filled with plants, your favorite artwork, or a basket of limbs or faux fruit. Add sconces to the wall to complete the look.

Keep fire safety in mind by decorating the area sparsely and only decorating with non-combustible items. You’ll have more options if you don’t light your fireplace or if your fireplace is not functional.


These are just a few of the ways you can update your fireplace. Whether you want to add a pop of color to the area, prefer a stunning art piece that will draw your attention to the fireplace area, or want to create an area that you can use as a faux fireplace, these decorative choices can bring the entire room together.

A fireplace is a great place to showcase pictures of your loved ones and holiday decorations that can make your home more welcoming. Adding architectural structures like sconces and accent lights can also bring more attention to the artwork in the fireplace area to further customize the space and add visual appeal to your home.