5 Reasons why DPS Bharuch is best for your child

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DPS Bharuch is associated with the chain of the largest public schools in India under the society of Delhi Public School. It is also an educational initiative of Sanskriti School and it offers the curriculum as defined by NCERT, New Delhi. It is completely an English medium school that provides education from Pre-Nursery to Senior Secondary with world-class infrastructure and facilities. Its invigorating environment that promotes learning and development of each kind for each student makes it one of the best?CBSE schools in Bharuch Gujarat.

The school is built with an objective of an uncompromising commitment to strive for excellence for every student through specific, measurable, observable, and quantifiable results. Your child will not only complete his/her education here but also will start climbing the steps of the brightest future. With our extraordinary mentors and a revolutionary interdisciplinary approach towards education, our focus is to make them explore their Curiosity instead of the conventional pattern of memorizing their textbooks. So, here are 5 reasons briefing why DPS Bharuch is best for your child:

The school communicates with every parent

 They frequently and clearly about their child?s progress. It also informs the parents about all the important events and issues. And, then asks for their feedback and suggestions before making any decisions. Even if the child is behaving poorly or if something major happens with the child, the parents are immediately informed. The school also focuses on serving the community and therefore it also considers the upliftment of the community in its missions and objectives.

A diverse and inclusive atmosphere

 The DPS Bharuch School not only possesses a diverse and inclusive environment but also a diverse student and staff population who are equally involved and supported in the school’s functioning. Students, staff, and faculties from all backgrounds who are racially, ethnically, linguistically, or economically different are learning, growing, and working here. The infrastructure and accessibility of the school are also equipped with cutting-edge technologies, giving your child the best chance of facilities.

One of the best examples of a second home

 We all know that students spend most of their time in school, exploring, interacting, and participating. It is of utmost importance that the school must nurture each child like the way they are nurtured in a home. The basic steps of learning, growth, and habits are inbred right from the school. Therefore, DPS Bharuch makes sure that each student is excelling at these three points. The teacher indiscriminately puts his/her efforts into every student. 

 Off-campus experiences

 Then the children here have off-campus experiences too. As Learning should continue from outside the walls of the school as well because children must know about their society and community. And for this, they need to get out in the society and learn about their society and community. They also need to travel within their school life, to explore out of the shell. So, DPS Bharuch organizes safe and fun school trips for children where they all can indulge in something more than academics. Even various programs are held in which information about various places is creatively disseminated among the students.  

Up-to-date and abundant resources

 The resources of the DPS Bharuch School are always appropriately up-to-date. As soon as the DPS, New Delhi Society launches any new subject matter, DPS Bharuch brings it to their students. It maintains the best equation of curriculum with NCERT and goes exactly as defined by it. Teachers must know their content well. Some students are not learning because their teachers haven?t learned. No, a first-year teacher will not be as good as a ten-year teacher, but we need more teachers knowledgeable in their content and not learning on the job.


Thus, we must not accept schools as good schools based solely on examination scores and school building ratings. A good school must possess so much more. It must not only meet the goals of the child but also the family. It must aim to prepare the students for active participation in day-to-day life situations and to develop basic mental abilities and skills. For which DPS Bharuch School from Gujarat is striving the best. It provides a healthy combination of academics and extra-curricular activities, well qualified and caring teachers that always thrive to make this school the best in town.

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