5 Summer Fashion Trends You Need to Try

beach house swimwear

Summer is the time to see and be seen. Your summer fashion choices will make or break your look as you take the beach by storm or visit the best vacation spots. Whether you wear the latest looks from your favorite designers or put together a few thrifted finds, having the hottest style this summer is a must. Read on for the biggest trends to watch out for this season.

Get Into Pink

Summer is all about looking your best and feeling great. With the temperature heating up outside, it?s time to wear colors that reflect the sizzling hot weather. Hot pink is a major fashion trend that’s sure to heat up the sidewalks across the busiest cities this summer.

beach house swimwear

Whether you wear a touch of pink as an accessory or you don the color as a full outfit, you?re sure to enjoy the bold and sweet look of hot pink. Not ready to go for a head-to-toe pink look yet? Try the color on for size as part of a print. Mix and match with florals or animal prints for a truly unique look.

Get Stripey

As summer closes in, it?s time to integrate more stripes into your wardrobe. Everything from pinstripes to graphic zebra prints is on the table this season. Whether you want it understated or loud and proud, a striped outfit is a guaranteed way to set the tone on your summer look.

As you shop for your summer essentials, consider adding striped bodysuits, dresses, tees, or button-downs to your closet. Don?t forget to play up the color pallet with this look. While you can stick to a classic black and white striped look, summertime is all about a fresh color palette like blues, greens, and yellows.

Bring Out the Boots

Looking for the best fancy footwear for the summer? It?s time to bring out the chunky boots. This summer is all about finding new ways to dress up grunge. Pick out your favorite pair of combat boots and experiment mixing and matching with your favorite colors, dresses, and softer looks.

Worried the boots won?t match your vibe? Make it point to pair this footwear with more feminine styles like floral skirts and softer dresses. This way, you?ll find the perfect balance between your adventurous footwear and sweet summery styles.

Try Boho Swimwear

Never forget that summer fashion is all about swimwear! While there are many different options when it comes to picking out the perfect bathing suit, beach house swimwear is proving to be one of the hottest trends for the summer. This swimwear is the perfect blend of athleisure and beach gear. Whether you?re planning for a day at your favorite beach or hoping to lounge at the bar and go dancing after, this versatile style will be one of the biggest hits of your summer wardrobe.

When shopping for swimwear, don’t be afraid to get creative. Wherever you plan to spend your summer, make sure you have multiple looks to choose from. Look for styles with varying textures, colors, and patterns to put together a look that will make you the belle of the beach. Remember, your swimsuit speaks volumes both in and out of the water; make sure your outfit is making the statement you intend.

Bring a Bucket-Style Bag

Beach days are only a few weeks away. If you picture yourself hauling beers, books, and outfit choices to your upcoming beach adventures, it?s a good idea to invest in a bucket beach bag. Bucket-style bags are the big thing this summer, so it?s time to add one to your closet!

These big bags are incredibly roomy and are a great addition to any outfit. Buy one in every color or stick to a basic tone; these bags go with everything. As they have a round shape and long body, they are incredibly comfortable to carry around and fit all your summer must-haves.

Summer styles are more than short shorts and floral skirts. As you prepare to bring the heat this season, keep this guide in mind. With the right colors, patterns, swimwear, and accessories, you?ll be sure to turn heads all summer long.

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