Six Best Ways to Double CTR on Paid Ads

In 2021, you’d like to increase the amount of money you make from your advertising efforts. The simplest approach to do so is to have a well-thought-out advertising strategy in place, as well as a working knowledge of advanced Bing & Google ad marketing strategies. This is what we’ll show you in this article.

These are some of the simplest ways to double your sales and increase your profits using short and easy Bing & Google PPC campaign strategies.

Make Pages Attractive for Users

Think about it. Will you visit a website that doesn?t have interesting content available? Then how can you ask others to click on the same type of content? Your website needs to be interested. It should have relevant content and it should provide the value that users are looking for. Consider this: A person wants to buy a purse. When he clicks on the ad, it shows a category of multiple products and purse is just one of them.

Now, think of the same person clicking on another ad. When he clicks on it, he is shown the product page with a checkout button, reviews, multiple videos and images of the purse. Which one do you think will attract the customer the most? Obviously the second one. That?s the simple science behind creating attractive pages. According to experts, only improving retention rate on a page can increase the conversion rate by 50%.

Target with Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the most powerful way to bring in more relevant users and translate them into future clicks. You’d be surprised by how much traffic you can drive to your site by using relevant clicks that react to the search intent.

However, keep in mind that if you waste too much money on long tail keyword campaigns, you’ll end up paying for clicks that don’t have much value.

Make Sure Content and Ads Matches

If your ad says that you have free shipping available, and the page says something else this is a mismatch. It does two things: 1. It decreases the page quality score. 2. It reduces the click through rate because people visiting the page are not going to perform any action on the page.

Consider the following scenario: each keyword will be targeted at a certain audience. Do you expect people would stick to a website after clicking on an advertisement that redirects them to a different one? They have no intention of doing so.

So, in simple terms your ad is a fail. Change it by creating dynamic content that matches the ads. You can use Unbounce, Google Optimize and various other tools to do that.

Are You Targeting Locally?

If you are targeting your ads to multiple audiences, then create geographic ads that target specific audiences on state, country, and city levels. Take US. There are many states in the US with high CPC but they have low conversion rates.

Let;s say you are selling enterprise software that is targeted geographically. Create state level campaigns and target the software to multiple vendors out there with split-small budget campaigns. 

The only approach to get more specific views and conversions is to target local ads. Any campaign can be tailored to a specific state or region. Every state’s cap and CPC would be different if you were targeting incentives at the state level. As a result, test the campaigns and then concentrate on the ones that are most beneficial.

Retarget to Get More Leads

When people visit the website because of a referral, they have a better chance of converting. You should connect your Google Adwords account to Google Analytics and focus on organic users who have viewed your site at least twice. 

Once you target the visitors who have previously visited your website, they are more likely to convert or buy your products. It is akin to showing someone a product that they have bought previously. They are more likely to buy that product because it directly resonates with them. Also because they had an intention to buy the product in the past. 

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

When you are trying Google ads for the first time make sure that you experiment with multiple ads on a small ad budget per campaign. This will help you learn how the ads perform on Google Ads, Bing, and even on social media

Since running multiple campaigns will help you understand the behaviour of your audience, make sure you only use a small budget. If you use a budget that is too big, you can consume it faster without gaining any advantage from it. This is a big loss not just for your marketing campaigns but also for the company?s budget.

The best ratio for running experiment ads is to take your total budget, now only take 10 percent of this budget and use it for running your test ads. When you have some traction and success with this budget, you can scale to 30% and then 50% in the later weeks. You can also run new campaigns to make sure that you are covering a lot more keywords then those that were previously available to you.

What?s Next?

If you’re new to Google paying ads, the best option is to start with LOW BUDGET. Furthermore, if you devote too much money to your campaigns at the start, you can soon deplete it. To stop losing too much all at once, set spending caps for all of the promotions.

Be sure to have several campaigns and at least three advertisements for each marketing segment. For each campaign, try one remarketing campaign, three new audience ads focusing on retail locations, and two local campaigns focusing on local markets.

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