4 Tools to increase your presence on Google

Increasing your presence on Google can be very simple if you use the right tools. Do you want to know how? Keep reading.

If you have searched your site on Google and it does not appear in the first results, something is happening.

Whether your corporate site, an online store or simply the location of your physical business, whatever you want to show on the Internet, you should always do it using the right tools for it. And Google offers us a lot and totally free!

Therefore, in this post we will show you how to appear on Google, and why not, how to appear on the first page in the search results.

First of all, you should know that there are two strategies to follow so that your website appears on the first page of Google: SEO and SEM.

Surely, you’ve heard of these two concepts, but what do they mean? We show it to you in a simple way.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The SEM concept tries to improve the positioning and visibility through the payment of advertising and purchase of keywords.

When your strategy is mainly SEM, you should remember that the main thing is that it consists of an intelligent purchase, so that you know which keywords are the most appropriate, in addition to distributing the agreed budget.

In this case, SEO presents a work that offers medium-term results, while SEM allows visibility in a very short time, with the disadvantage that they disappear when they stop paying.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the organic optimization, that is, the one we achieve by modifying the elements of our website so that it increases visibility and positioning within the search engine.

You should keep in mind that Internet users are the fundamental pillar by which our website will be maintained. Therefore, it is necessary to provide you with an accessible, updated web page with the appropriate design, content and keywords.

Other actions that we recommend you do are those of SEO Off Page. These actions are carried out with the sole objective of increasing the presence of our website abroad. Exchange of links or the dissemination of the content of your blog on social networks are some of them.

You must remember that search engines are a great traffic tool, so the creation of communities in social networks or newsletter subscriptions would be useful if Google tomorrow changes its algorithm again and decreases our visits.

If you are new to the subject, and all this is sounding a bit to Chinese, our little SEO guide will solve all your doubts in a perique.

You should not forget that both ways can go hand in hand in your digital marketing and web positioning strategy. Thus, to carry out a series of SEM campaigns while SEO achieves objectives and results, it is the best and most complete option, to start having visibility on Google.

Once you have some visibility, we advise you to use the different tools that Google provides us for free and to which you will only need a Gmail account to access all of them (also free).

Google My Business and other tools.

The first step is to access Google My Business. It is the Google platform aimed at companies that seek to achieve greater visibility.

To do this, we must create a brand account of our business, a very simple process following each of the steps proposed by the configuration wizard.

Once created, the next step is to complete and verify our company listing on Google Maps. Thus, many more users will find your business regardless of the sector in which you operate and through geolocation.

From this tab, users can consult information such as address, opening hours, or even assess their visit through the review panel.

Google My Business not only offers us this, it also manages the page of our brand in Google Plus, the well-known social network of Google.

All this, even if you think it is unnecessary, is rewarded by Google thus improving your positioning within the search engine.

In addition, you have the possibility to connect with Google profiles and your corresponding messaging in Gmail. Two great advantages.

Google Images and Video.

Well-optimized multimedia content is essential for your website to appear in Google searches and receive greater SEO positioning internally.

To improve internal SEO through multimedia content, optimization of the Alt and Tittle Attributes is necessary, always.

In this way, if you always do a good optimization of multimedia content, you will improve the SEO of your website and have a better chance of appearing at the beginning in Google search results.

Google Sites

If your knowledge is scarce in HTML, the Google Sites application offers you the possibility to create a very simple web page in a few steps.

Due to the rise of Internet technologies and the use of Digital Marketing, owning a website has become a must for all businesses. But it is common knowledge that many of these small businesses do not have enough resources to make a great investment in web matters.

Google Sites, allows users to publish various types of information, such as files, documents, presentations, etc. on its own website created according to your needs and fully customizable with the characteristic elements of the brand.

Although you are somewhat inexperienced in the matter, do not despair, Google offers you endless possibilities so that your website can appear in the first results.

Google Shopping and Merchant Center.

If what you want when you want to appear on the first page of Google, is to increase the sales of your online store, you must learn to take advantage of Google Merchant Center yes or yes.

With this online business tool, you can link your online store to Google for future Google Shopping campaigns. That small list of products in Google search results, when searching for a certain product on the web.

In this way, automatically certain products and all their related information, such as models, colors, stock, and other information that is present in the product sheet. All with a single purpose, create a direct sales channel for certain products through Shopping campaigns.

To create these types of campaigns and have your products appear in the search engine as “Sponsored”, you just have to register with Google Adwords, a platform with which Google allows us to create advertising campaigns within your search engine.

From there you must select as campaign type, Shopping, and voila. Each time a user searches for a product related to any of your ads, they will appear first in the search results.

The great advantage that these types of campaigns offer us is that they allow you to differentiate yourself from those competitors that are selling the same as you. Providing more traffic to your website and clicks on your products. Being very unlikely that the user will pass by.

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