13 features that make you a real Gemini


A sign of air, Gemini has a great youthful spirit. His zest for life is a real cure for age. Its sociable and versatile character hides a restless personality for which the notion of commitment is quite foreign. Do you recognize yourself in this description? Are you Gemini? Discover 13 other features that make you a real Gemini.

13 features that show that Gemini is a surprising sign

1) You are curious

Curiosity is a bad defect? Not for the Gemini! Curious more than ever, you are always looking for new things to learn. Love to discover new realities, explore new areas and go on an adventure.

2) You struggle to get involved

The stable and serious relationships are not for you. Love freedom more than anything else and therefore prefer casual relationships. However, you are still in search of happiness and the day you decide to engage seriously with someone, it is because you are certain that you have found the right person to stay with all your life.

3) You are projected into the future

Besides being curious, you are also people who always go on. Do not like to look back and prefer to follow the evolution of the future. Furthermore, you love new technologies and other electronic devices that we could call “gadgets”.

4) You are always happy

Most of the zodiac signs love being in Gemini’s company because he is a person who is always in a good mood. His zest for life is contagious. You know how to make everyone smile naturally and bring up the spirits of those who need it.

5) You can’t stand still

You really struggle to get used to the idea of ??stability. You are always on the move and looking for something better. In the professional sphere, as soon as you see a new opportunity, try your luck. The problem is that due to this attitude, you often miss real interesting opportunities for you.

6) You have a great ability to adapt

It is a quality that helps you in everyday life, in fact you adapt easily to every situation. Regardless of the environment, you can find yourself at ease in all circumstances: social evenings or folk dances, near home or on the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter! Love to discuss, meet new people and discover new places.

7) You know how to be convincing

You can convince others with great ease. Whether in a professional or personal setting, your speeches are so incisive that anyone could change their mind just because you suggested it. Just snap the fingers so that others follow you.

8) You are never on time

The lack of punctuality is a characteristic side of Gemini. At work, you arrive late regularly, not because you can’t wake up in the morning but because you hate the routine and repeat the same gestures every day at the same time.

9) Change your mood often

You tend to change your mood quite often. If you are having a good time and you are happy, you could suddenly look away, or even sulk. These mood swings are not seen well by those around you; most of the time they think that you are just pretending to show.

10) You are sociable

Thanks to your great curiosity, you have a broad general knowledge. As a result, people love to talk to you a lot. Your company is really appreciated because you are interesting person. Moreover, you are very sociable and you like having a conversation, which doesn’t hurt!

11) You are natural

No pomp or superfluous things: you don’t love them too much! Your look is designed but not too much. Far be it from you to spend hours looking for the latest clothes and fashion accessories. As with everything, when something goes well and you feel good, you don’t need more.

12) You are sensitive

At first glance, you may seem strong, but in the end, it is not so. You have a great sensitivity and a fragile heart. There is a reason: you are kind and honest people. Do not judge others, accept them as they are and do not understand why others do not do the same with you.

13) You’re smart

To move forward in life, you need to enrich yourself culturally by speaking. Love learning and analysing everything to find the best solutions. Despite a lack of concentration, you have a lot of knowledge that makes you passionate and very intelligent.

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