Uber vs. Rental Car – Competition

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Until a point, you had to wave hands at taxis to get a transport or reach a destination.

However, with inception of Uber in 2009, the uber vs rental car services went through a catastrophic and transformational change.

How Uber VS Car Rental Services Went Through a Catastrophic Change

With assistance of ride-hailing and ride-sharing services you get a quick and convenient ride just through a few taps. Thereafter you can travel to the destination in the quickest time.

One of the latest innovations in the feat of transportation is the car rental services.

Usefulness of Car Rental Services

With car rental services you can rent a car for a particular period of time and complete tasks.

Prediction by Certify

Certify (largest providers of business travel data in North America) stated 49 percent travelers rely upon ride-hailing services.

The statistics mentioned above surpass the number of users depending upon the car rental services which is around 37 percent.?

Now the question is if we compare the services of Uber and car rental, respectively, which one is better?

Well, it is not easy but we have listed some points to compare convenience between Uber and car rental services.?

This will go on to support you choose the appropriate platform while travelling. Also it will go on to support you save enormous money especially if you travel in a new land.

Uber and Car Rental Services – Which One is More Convenient


The price of a particular service is essential for the user of that service. In ride-hailing and ride-sharing services like Uber, riders complain of surge pricing. However, riders still depend upon them. This is because you connect to nearest drivers and reach where you need to quick. But if you stay somewhere for X number of days car rental service is what you should depend upon. This will save you from spending money into paying the driver.?

Availability of Parking Garages

If parking in the place being traveled is free you choose car rental services and when parking is charged on number of hours you spend, you choose ride-hailing and ride-sharing services like Uber.


Safety is the foremost concern of the riders. If you do not feel comfortable with strangers while riding car rental services are what you should choose.


Depending upon distance between the destination where you currently are and where you wish to go can help you choose the best way for you to reach that place.

In other words, if distance is short, you can choose a ride-hailing platform like Uber and if distance is high car rental services should be depended upon.?

So, if you consider these points thoroughly you can understand better the services that can help and assist you reach your destination conveniently.

Concluding, choose the ride platform wisely from the two mentioned above and see yourself having a cost-friendly as well as wise ride that saves enormous money for you in the long run.

Happy Travelling and hope you save enormous money in your next ride wisely.

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