12 Best Gift Ideas to a Sports Lover like My Dad!

gift ideas

Anyone can just grab anything for a gift like a pair of socks or Blu-Ray, but, however, it is not that exciting and fun.? Giving a gift is considered an art, which is why you need to give a gift with purpose. You need to know exactly what that person wants, especially if he is your sports lover Dad and it is his birthday.

What are they?


For a sports lover you can buy a gift about the player, team or leagues that he likes very much.  You may give him tickets to his favorite team or maybe a Lincoln Financial Field poster. If he is a Michael Jordan fan, but him a jersey that Michael wore in the movie, ?Space Jam.?


Get him a book about sports like the one that Shea Serrano wrote.  This book is a must-have if you are a true basketball fan. Shea Serrano is a bestselling author and his approach to basketball in this book is really hilarious but in a good way. 

Throwback Jersey

Any sports lover would be happy to receive any jersey, however, if he received something that is from classic threads, it will totally change the game.  There is just something cool about it is because of the color or the extraordinary style they had during that era. Look for the best store that offers even the jersey worn by the amazing Rickey Henderson in the year 1984 or the jersey worn by Kevin Durant when he was still in Seattle Sonics. Check out https://www.bobbleheadninja for a unique gift idea.

Ticket Stub Diary

To make sure that you remember those amazing memories of the games, put them in the ticket stub diary.  Ticket stubs are not just to be placed in a drawer or wallet; they need to have an album. This diary has 52 pages that can hold around 118 ticket stubs.  It also comes with lined paper so that you write down important notes. This is what all sports fans should have to relive that moment when they saw their favorite teams dethrone their opponent and they were there to see it all.

Stadium?s Blueprint

You may not understand it if you are not a sports fan but a true fan treats the arenas and stadiums as shrines if their favorite team plays in it.  So why not give them a one of a kind blueprint of their home teams crib. It serves as a reminder of all those times they were there to see their teams play.  In addition, the vintage appearance of blueprints will make it look priceless compared to a photo.

Memorabilia signed by his favorite team or player

This is probably the most common gift to give to a sports fan, provided that you know who is his favorite player or team.  Who would not want a signed jersey framed and hanged on the wall or maybe a signed basketball displayed in the living room? Check out https://www.bobbleheadninja for a unique gift idea.

Personalized Greeting

Recently, cameo popped up on the scene, where you can have a personalized birthday greeting from your favorite athletes or celebrities. The athlete will record a video that usually lasts a minute greeting a fan on his special day.  Yes, we are talking about Brett Favre saying Happy Birthday to a fan. Any sports fan will smile when he received a gift like that. For sure it will be posted and shared over social media accounts.

Commemorative Hats

Just like the baseball caps to commemorate Super Bowl victor or Salute to NFL?s service, you can have a hat custom made for any type of sports.  It can be jackets, sweatshirts, T-shirts or knits for babies just in case, the sports fan is not really into hats.

Subscription to TheAthletic.com

The Athletic is the ultimate sports guide and journalism site online.  We are not talking about just a compilation of ESPN stores here but the whole original story, amazing coverage, and reporting.  The subscription is just $5 a month and it will give you access to the Athletic?s whole content. They have writers like Dana O?Neil, Shams Charania, and Jayson Stark. They cover each and every sport there is. 

A Bobblehead of their favorite player ?

You may try to get a custom bobblehead replicating his favorite player of all time.? You will be surprised to find that it truly resembles the person they are replicating with some exaggeration. ? Any sports fan will truly love this since he has a mini statue or a replica of his favorite player in a uniform.?


Yes, fatheads are still there.  Larger than live wall decal is still a great gift idea for a sports fan.  It shows loyalty and it even gives them the chance to give their favorite player a high-five whenever their team wins.  There are fatheads for almost anything, baseball hats, stadium photos, team logos, football helmets and everything that you can think of.

Game Tickets

There is no experience that will top attending to a live sporting event.  Buying a sports fan a ticket to a game he loves is the ultimate gift you can give to him.  You can buy him tickets to teams playing this week or you can even buy him tickets for next summer?s game. 

Before you think about the gift to give your dad who is a die-hard fan, just try to take a minute and don?t just buy the ordinary ones that are easy to get.? There are more to sports than you can realize. Yes, every sport may involve a ball and it may look all the same to you but a true sports fan knows the difference and how is this different from the other.? So, try to research and check great gift ideas.

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