5 Yoga Poses that will help you in Reducing Weight

Yoga Tips for Weight Loss: Let us know which postures should be taken to reduce obesity, so that you can lose weight as soon as possible.

Nowadays obesity has become a common problem and people take different measures to get rid of it. If someone takes medicines, then by exercising for hours, he sweats. But let us tell you that obesity can also be controlled through yoga. Let’s know which postures should be taken to reduce obesity, so that you can lose weight as soon as possible.

Easy Yoga Poses Which helps for Weight loss

Setu Bandha (Bridge Pose) – This works to reduce your body weight in a short time. This not only reduces weight, but it also stresses the neck, chest and abdomen and also improves the digestive system. Doing this regularly reduces stress and brings peace of mind. To do this, first lie down on the ground and then fold your feet upwards and lift your hips up keeping your ankles in line with the knee and put your weight on the feet and shoulders. After that, move the mouth towards the neck and turn your hand back. By doing this, you weight lose.

Utkatasana Yoga- (Yoga with the shape of a chair) – This yoga also works to reduce your stomach or belly fat. In this posture, your body has to do in the shape of the chair and this not only reduces the weight but also has a good effect on other parts of the body. To do this yoga, first of all, stand up straight and after that make your body like a chair, that is, in the direction of the knee while lowering your hips. After that, straighten both your hands upwards. After that, take a long breath and stay in this position for a while and take as long as you can. However, if there is any problem in your knees, then you should not do this asana.

Dhanurasana- In this posture you have to do your body in the shape of the bow. This reduces your stomach and your body also comes in shape. Neck problems are also removed. To do this, first lie down and lift the body from your stomach to the front and then bring your feet to your hips. After that, hold your feet with your hand and pull your body from both sides, at this time keep only your navel area on the ground, keep pulling the remaining part.

Bhujangasana- This posture not only reduces the fat of the stomach, but also makes the muscles of the arms, waist and abdomen strong and the body becomes flexible. For this, first lie flat on the stomach and keep both hands under the forehead. Keep the toes of both feet together and now raise the forehead in front and keep both arms parallel to the shoulders so that the weight of the body falls on the arms. After that, raise the front part of the body and take a long breath while stretching the body.

Balasana – Balasana is the perfect posture for those who have started yoga. This also reduces abdominal fat and strengthens muscles. Pregnant women or people suffering from knee disease do not do it. For this, sit on the ground on the knees, so that the whole body is on the ankles. Take a deep breath and lean forward. The cooked chest should touch the thighs and try to touch the floor with the forehead. After remaining in this state for a few seconds, return to the same state while exhaling.

If you need any help to ask yoga poses for beginners.

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