Writing Practice for PTE Common Errors to Avoid and Tips to Correct Them

pte writing practice

The PTE test can be quite challenging and it’s easy to make mistakes when making preparations. Everyone makes mistakes, but it is important to be careful not to make the same mistake twice. It’s normal to make errors when you are preparing for the PTE test, but it cannot be ignored.

Making mistakes is the way to achieve being successful for a lot of Pearson Language Tests takers, because they are aware of the mistakes made by other test takers. If you know the most frequently made PTE mistake, you will be able to utilize your knowledge to avoid mistakes.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in PTE Writing Practice

  • Didn’t read the question/text correctly: 

For the PTE reading section, the majority test takers cannot understand sentences. This could be because they are anxious or in a rush to get their answers. This is a basic error that can result in a loss of money.

Tips: Always read a sentence at least twice.

  • Need not to understand every word:

When responding to messages, remember that managing your time is crucial. There are a variety of strategies to increase the reading score of your PTE by using them and skipping difficult words.

Tips: You don’t need to be able to comprehend every word. Learn to understand the text in a glance and also provides an explanation of message.

  • Spelling and Grammar Errors:

It is evident throughout every PTE sections. There are spelling mistakes or punctuation mistakes. grammar mistakes that appear small. These errors could result in points.

TIP: The only way to improve your PTE grammar is to practice since this type of error is one that must be recognized properly. If you are able to practice more, the higher scores you’ll get. You must ensure that you check your spelling following each PTE test you take.

  • Lack of concentration:

Particularly in particularly in the PTE hearing section Indian learners are prone to a lack of focus since English is not their primary language. Even a single second of lapse could result in the loss of crucial points.

Tips: The best ways to enhance your PTE writing Practice for PTE is to begin watching English. You can enjoy watching movies or sitcoms, news podcasts, music and more. in order to get used to hearing English. Learn to understand their language, that can help improve concentration levels.

  • The intro is missing:

The most frequent error when it comes to one of the most common mistakes made in PTE Writing section involves failing to introduce your articles. PTE scores for writing are evaluated according to what the composition of your essay, therefore the introduction, body and conclusion are essential.

Tips: The best way to improve your score on the PTE Writing test is to practice every practice. Examine the essay and then rewrite it. Then, take note of the mistakes you made and make sure you don’t duplicate them.

Leave the answer box empty:

The tests are stressful and could cause panic, and the majority of students either unaware or abandoning the answer boxes.

Tips: PTE does not have negative scores; just remember these lines and verify every answer before you submit the test. Answering correctly won’t cost you any points. Always fill in the answer box even if you have to make an unpredictable guess.

Use of fillers:

When it comes to speaking in the PTE speech section, some of the most important mistakes that students make in their achieve are due to their use of fillers. Filler is the term used to describe the sound that we use for filling in gaps when trying to figure out what we should say next. This filler suggests that the person applying for the job does not have the right ideas.

Tips: Record yourself while you take the PTE sample speaking test, and then listen back later. Writing exercises for PTE can help you improve your writing section score. You can also try to cut down on your use of fillers.

  • Speech and speed errors:

The problem lies in the fact that your voice can be very soft or loud and the speed may be extremely fast or slow. Moderate tone as well as speed are essential.

Tips: Volume maintenance can be monitored and executed when recording an exercise session. Review saved sessions and search for mistakes. Repeat the practice until you are better.

  • Poor Time Management:

PTE is a three-hour test in which all sections have to be completed on time. Every section is assigned an individual time e.g.

Part 1: Writing and speaking for 77-93 mins

Part 2. Reading for between 32 and 40 minutes

Part 3. Listening 45 – 57 minutes

Many candidates struggle to handle their time and finish tasks in a timely manner. Some questions can be addressed in a short time, but others can’t be addressed. Make sure you are managing your time effectively so that each question can be addressed.

Tips: Practice can help to distinguish between unnecessary and time-consuming questions that are required to be answered in the course.


The best solution that you need to consider is ensure you are familiar with the various Pearson language tests formats prior to going to a testing facility. Develop a plan to answer each test that you can use with the traditional test and PTEs.

For a perfect score for PTE Try to avoid these errors. Make sure to practice a lot by using our online PTE preparation application or practice questions. A feeling of preparedness can help you feel confident when you take the test and will allow you to improve your performance.

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