Workplace Innovations That Makean Employee More Loyal And Productive

The 21st century is a time of wonder and amazement because there is no other time in the history of man where there is so much an industry could offer to an employee. If you look at the beginning of the rise of industries and corporations, during the industrial revolution, it was awful for the normal person, as an employee. 

There was poor work environment, unjust labour practices, poor wage and salary for the ordinary worker. In contrast today we have so far, the best employment practices in the history of man. Here are some of innovations in workplaces that make an employee feel satisfied and safe thus making them more productive and loyal to the company.??


One of the practices in modern day workplaces today is the pantry. This is one of those workplace innovations that is helpful for the employee especially if the workplace is so toxic with pressure and demands, having free coffee and free foods available makes the work bearable and it eases the tensions and stress in the work environment. It always serves as a positive reinforcing factor at work.   

Comfortable Lounge

Lounges are places where employees can hang around for a couple of minutes and sit on more comfortable chairs and gets the breather they need for the rest of the day?s work and demands. Lounges are created solely for the purpose of letting employees relax and stretch their legs for a bit before going back to work. This place creates a buffer between the stress of work and the employee?s personal life.

Workplace Recreations and Relaxation Spots

There are some companies today that adopt a newer approach in taking care of their employees, some install areas in their workplace where there are recreation elements and even relation spots. Some companies even go as far as offering workplace massage areas or sessions for their employees with high stress levels at work.?

These initiatives give an employee a special sense of value as a member of the company, which in turn will directly impact and reflect on their performance for the good of the company. An employee taken care of in an employee which will become a loyal asset to the company.  

Stress Animal

Some companies adopt new trends such as having a scheduled visit from company stress animals which will roam the workplace and alleviate stress and negative emotions away from the employees. Stress animals included dogs, cats and other tamed and controllable domesticated animal. According to studies conducted, the presence of these animals along creates a homely environment in the workplace which eases tension in the workroom. 

Workplace Gym and Shower Areas

Because there are employees who commute or ride a bike to work, many companies today offer gym time for their employees and also, they install shower areas for those who ride bicycles to work, this leads to a more refreshed feeling in the part of the employee which will affect their performance in their department. A well refreshed employee will somehow outperform a low-energy stressed employee any day.

In today?s industry human labour is not considered cheap because in these modern times, we place value on each human individual and their contribution to the industry. 


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