5 Workouts for Beginners

In order to come up with a routine of balanced fitness, it is crucial to practice a wide variety of exercises. Some exercises provide better results than others. The activities mentioned below will burn out all the unwanted body fat, improve the lean muscle tone.

The following are the most five best workouts for beginners;


This exercise works out on the glutes and also utilizes every muscle in your lower body. There are various squats, but the bodyweight squat with arms extended is the most basic to start with. A personalized diet and exercise program are the key to seeing results.

How to do squats:

I. Stand on your feet (at least shoulder-width apart)

II. Pull your arms out directly in front of your chest.

III. While keeping your back straight and core tight, inhale and move down like you are sitting on a chair while bending at the hips at the same time. Target a right angle bend on your knees.

IV. Move your weight back in a way you feel more pressure on your heels than on the toes.

V. For a moment, pause for one second and while exhaling, flex your legs and butt as you rise up again.


The main aim of push-ups is on the arm and chest muscles. It also improves your stability and strength in the whole body.

How to do push-ups:

I. Begin in all-four position as you place your hands below your shoulders.

II. As you lift your knees from the ground, move your feet wider apart than the shoulder width.

III. Keep your head in a neutral position and tighten up your core muscles. Inhale while bending at the elbows so that you lower your chest towards the ground.

IV. Once the elbows reach a right angle bend, press your palms into the ground while exhaling to rise back to the top.


It aims at the whole posterior chain, which are the muscles on the backside of your body. Mostly it targets the lumbar muscles in your lower back.

How to do the superman:

I. As you lie belly down on the ground, move out your legs and arms.

II. Exhale and flex all the muscles in your back, arms, legs, and butt as you lift your legs and arms from the ground.

III. Pause for a moment at the top.

IV. Taking a deep inhale, slowly lower back down with control.


Sit-ups are helpful in strengthening all your core muscles, including internal and external obliques as well as your rectus abdominus.

How to do sit-ups:

I. While knees bent and feet planted firmly on the ground, sit on an exercise mat.

II. Lie back and raise your arms directly above your chest as the fingers are pointed to the roof.

III. Lift your upper shoulders, neck, and head from the ground as you start working out your abdominal muscles.

IV. Exhale as you roll up towards your knees to reach forward.

V. At the top, flex your abdominal muscles and then inhale as you slowly move your spine back down to the ground.

Mountain Climbers

It is the best for a cardio move as the exercise is so quiet, good for small space, and has low impact.

How to do mountain climbers:

I. Begin in a high plank position as your hands is lined up below your shoulders.

II. Raise one knee up in-between your elbows. Then move your leg back to its starting position as you lift the other knee up.

III. Now move faster while alternating both legs.

The exercises we have discussed above are the best because they are; suitable for beginners, can be done anywhere without any equipment, easy to perform, and give quick results. You can decide to do all these exercises or begin with some of them depending on your needs. It does not matter if these exercises are for a beginner or not but what is essential is that they all have good results.

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