Women – A buried legacy in this biased society

Do you know that women in history played a significant role in strengthening the dynamism of Human civilization?  In early 1940s, there lived a renowned Historian, numismatist and his name is Anand Sadhasiv Altekar.  He served as a Professor and Head of the department of History and culture in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

After reconstructing the past with his expeditions, historical surveys and discoveries, he states that, 

?one of the best ways to understand the spirit of a civilization and to appreciate its excellences and realize its limitations is to study the history of the position and status of women in it?.

Among the ages of civilization, Stone Age is the prime of all ages and it began 2.6 billion years ago. From Stone Age, women were seen as domestic beings to raise children, gathering food, clothes and accessories from animal fur, skin and bone and. A saga, where the inner power of women is unrealized and the kind of society where the alpha males feel more dominated.

Yet she did what she had to.

She took care of her off springs when men rolled out of the cave for a hunt; she guarded them from nail biting cold winter by making fur coats, and sheltered them respective of seasons. 

Beyond that, and men in caves, a prehistoric finding says that a skeleton of woman teenager shows evidence of hunting tools buried along with it and also the inception where the evolution of Woman has began.

Good Deeds

In the beginning of 1800s, one in hundred women possesses the literacy to read and write. Well 99% of the other women were found socially dependable and domestic. Society of 19th century declined the literacy for woman and confined them to wed at their early ages and bear more children at the same age.

With the rise of modern civilization and transformation, women played a special role in Rig Vedic society as preachers of Upanishads, and also engaged in professions like increasing the health and well-being of human being. This Era helped women to step out of home and explored options beyond gender inequality.

Few began working in spinning and weaving cloths and few helped their husbands in agricultural farming and rearing cattle?s. 

Voyage of Hardship

In medieval age, Women were married to men despite of the groom?s behavior and characteristics. Land lords married their girl to the groom of other landlords and gifted wealth that could last long for generations.

This practice spread like an outbreak and men started demanding more dowry. This cursed girls from poor family to work as child labors, earn money and get married. Female infanticide has become a traditional practice of families in fear of dowries.

Sati was also a traditional practice among families. Woman sail the voyage of hardships through centuries and generations.

Budgeting Lifestyle

In the modern age, Women whom were married to financially under developed men handled house-hold expenses very effectively. Every measure of her savings and the way she handled to control the expenses of her family were not taught literally.

Those measures became the powerhouse of any family to run beyond difficult times.

Quality of Leadership

And it should be born within. 

History has seen women with the face of princess of kingdom, fighters against British rule, symbol of peace, million dollar novelists, astronaut and scientist, global leader and founder, CEOs, and more.

Witness the evolution of woman over ages, her tears, pain and sacrifices, her part in creating a civilization, her ownership in running a family beyond hardships, her works in literary, arts, investments, entertainment, business, entrepreneurship, and so on.

Yet still a person running or sailing against high tides for her dependents to source wealth, and welfare for her family. 

All we could see the legacy that is buried deep in this biased society and at last Woman empowerment is the only tool to lift up her desires and make her independent of financial and socio-economic causes.

Let?s work towards women empowerment by exploring ways to support and make her financially freedom and secured.

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