5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials You Must Have

    winter wardrobe

    Sometimes, it becomes difficult to fight cold without sacrificing on the fashion quotient. But we have you sorted. From the statement coats to turtleneck tops. The right kind of garment can change your look completely. This winter you can fight the cold without sacrificing your fashion sense. To ensure that your winter wardrobe is sorted, 10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials are mentioned below.

    Cashmere Jumpers

    The best thing about ?Cashmere? is that it keeps you warm in winters and not too hot in summer. Its luxury qualities are what makes it the right pick. This sweater goes with everything from midi skirts, printed trousers to leather pants. Also, they can be easily styled for both formal and informal events. LOFT Black Friday 2020 sale is where you can get trendy jumpers at the best prices.


    A nice pair of jeans is a must- have in the wardrobe irrespective of the season. The right jeans with a perfect fit can rock any look. You can wear long coats or sweaters with it. You can further complete the look with either higher heel booties or even a nice pair of shoes. It is also perfect for the days when you are not able to decide what to wear. So its always a win-win situation with a nice pair of jeans.

    Winter Coat

    A statement coat entirely changes the whole look by adding that pop of color to any neutral outfit. It?s the best option when it comes to outwear, as its super warm. You also get great options in coat materials. Wool, Faux Fur, nylon, Flannel, Cashmere, and Hemp are some of the materials which are used for making coats which are both warm and looks amazing. If the quality of the material is really good then the coat should last a lifetime. It is thus a great investment. Moreover, you should buy it big enough so that there is room for all the layers.

    Knitted Dresses

    Well, who says you can?t wear dresses in winters? Knitted Dresses are at your rescue, as they will keep you warm. You can pair them up with tights, over the knee boots, and even a winter coat on top. So, embrace this winter with beautiful knitted dresses. They are perfect for date nights or even evening outings with friends. You just can?t go wrong with a nice dress paired

    with the right footwear. It comes in beautiful colors and patterns. A basic white, cute pink, or black knitted dress will be your go-to piece of clothing in winters.

    Turtleneck Tops

    Turtleneck is a close fitting collar that folds over and covers the neck. It will not only keep you warm but also your neck snug all winter long. Turtleneck Tops look super stylish and can be paired easily with almost anything and everything. This style looks good with skinny jeans, sweaters, and even with sleeveless dresses. You can get these tops in various colors. However, you must have a basic white and black top in your wardrobe.

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