William Schantz Scholarship

College fee in the US is quite expensive. In 2018, the average amount of student debt was $29,800. If you are not financially strong or are a gifted student, it can be difficult to find the right college or university to study. This is the reason why scholarships are so important for every student?s career. 

No one?s education should be halted just because they don?t have the financial support to pursue it. This is where the William Schantz Scholarship comes in to rescue students from a life of ?what ifs.? This scholarship allows students to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor, businessman, engineer or lawyer. 

The Schantz Scholarship offers students studying in the US a chance to commit to their educational goals. It provides them with financial support that can be used to pay for various educational costs. All college and university students are welcome to apply for the scholarship. 


Winning a scholarship gives you more than a high bank balance. Many colleges offer students financial support, even if they have won scholarships before. This allows them to utilize the money as they see fit.

This scholarship is open to all from undergraduate to graduate and post-graduate students. Only students living in the US are eligible for this scholarship. The winner is chosen based on two factors: An insightful essay that tells the reader why you deserve this scholarship and your academic achievements.

Take a look at the following questionnaire to draft your essay:

?Essay Questionnaire?

Scholarship Details

Read the following instructions carefully to know how to apply for the scholarship:

  • Scholarship Amount Awarded: $1000.00

The scholarship amount is decided by William Schantz and is subject to change.

Important Dates

  • The application for the scholarship should be sent in by xx/xx/xxxx.
  • The winner will be announced on xx/xx/xxxx.

No personal calls will be made to the winner. You will be notified via email whether you received the scholarship or not. 

The money will be personally handed over by Schantz in either the form of a check or it will be deposited into your account. The money should only be used for educational needs, such as tuition fees, housing, etc.

Kindly submit your application within the given time frame. We will not entertain any calls regarding accepting your application this once.

How to Apply

  • You need to write one essay
  • Length: 700 to 850 words

Other Details

Include the following information at the top before you start writing your essay:

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • University Name (The one you are currently attending or will)
  • Current GPA
  • Personal Bio of 150 to 250 Words (Do not add any personal stories appealing to the reader why you deserve the scholarship. Keep it short and simple.)

For further information, check out William Schantz website.


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