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Did you know 93% of consumers use smartphones while shopping or engaging with businesses? Thanks to the prevalence of smartphones, a significant portion of this phone usage now occurs online.

In the early days of WiFi, the assumption was that only businesses like coffee shops and hotels needed to provide free internet access to their customers.

However, we now recognize that WiFi marketing is a valuable strategy every business should embrace. This means that even retail stores and nail salons should consider offering free WiFi to their customers.

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi marketing isn’t all that different from providing free WiFi access to all your customers. When you implement WiFi marketing strategies, you offer WiFi access in exchange for something valuable. That valuable exchange comes in the form of marketing opportunities.

Role of WiFi Marketing for Businesses

Let’s discuss how WiFi marketing help business grow:

Making use of WiFi analytics

WiFi Analytics, a procedure that collects and analyses anonymous visitor data from WiFi access points whether or not the visitor logs in, is a useful tool WiFi Marketing provides. This process gives physical locations insightful information about visitor behavior, such as customer traffic patterns, dwell times, first-time visitors, and the likelihood that a visitor will leave or not return.

WiFi analytics are a game-changer for the restaurant business, enabling owners to improve operations by learning vital information about their customers. The operators are thus able to track the performance of marketing initiatives right down to the specific impact on customers returning to their establishments thanks to these insights, which in turn spark focused marketing activities.

Building an In-depth Customer Data Platform

WiFi marketing platforms lead in creating thorough client profiles within your customer data platform (CDP) when a visitor opts into your WiFi landing page. The Single Customer View (SCV) this CDP provides for your customers is a veritable information treasure.

In the past, WiFi marketing systems could only gather visitor information via their WiFi interactions. However, WiFi marketing agency in Dubai like Wi5Global have increased their functionality and now let you collect guest information from various sources, including public WiFi, online ordering websites, point-of-sale systems, your website, social media, and review websites. Once integrated, this abundance of data elevates your customer data platform above a simple CRM database.

A customer data platform goes above and beyond a traditional CRM by allowing businesses to combine customer information and behavior from many sources, resulting in a centralized customer database. Using visitor data and behavior across all touchpoints enables operators to create a Single Customer View (SCV) that gives them complete knowledge of their customers.

WiFi Marketing Automation in Full Force

The true power of WiFi Marketing becomes apparent after this wealth of guest data has been smoothly and instantly incorporated into your customer data platform. You thoroughly grasp your guests’ behavior online and off by using these newly discovered guest insights. You can now keep tabs on how your customers engage with your restaurant, website, and other platforms.

Based on the behavior of your customers or the lack of certain activities at your business, WiFi marketing agency in Dubai enable the launch of tailored marketing campaigns. This degree of automation ensures that marketing initiatives are precisely tailored to each visitor’s trip.

Satisfaction of customers

Customers may be informed about the most recent sales, discounts, and hot offers running in stores or inside the WiFi coverage area. Additionally, tools like map tracking and zoning enable users to compare and choose the best goods and services available, ensuring they don’t miss out on opportunities to buy for discounts.

The Bottom Line

WiFi Marketing is a cutting-edge tactic that revolutionizes how businesses interact with customers, communicate with them, and promote them. As a result, businesses succeed, and their customers are happier.

Wi5 Global can be your partner in success and can help you utilize the full range of advantages and WiFi marketing offerings. Wi5 Global creates a comprehensive captive portal solutions in Dubai by seamlessly integrating data from various sources beyond conventional WiFi marketing platforms.

So, why wait when we are ready to help you!

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