Why Your Next Event Should Be Coffee Catered

Coffee ? it?s a centuries-old drink that can be enjoyed alone or in the company of many. That delightful smell travels through our senses, preparing our minds for the excitement of caffeine. Iced or hot, black or with milk, there are so many ways to enjoy a cup.

We all know that experience and we all love it, which is why it would be an excellent addition to your next event. But if you?re thinking of the boring, self-serve, monotonous coffee experience you?ve probably experienced at most public events, think again. Let?s be honest: those standalone coffee dispensers with the little foam cups aren?t exactly exciting or memorable. They often leave a lot to be desired. No one wants lukewarm coffee and powdered creamer.

coffee catered

So, why not step up your event with coffee catering? Not only is coffee a shared experience enjoyed by 64 percent of Americans, but it can also be served at just about any event whether corporate or casual.

Catering coffee offers a sophisticated replacement for expensive meals but doesn’t take away from a delightful experience. Each person will have their own perfect choice and the coffee stand can be the perfect meeting point for attendees.

Catered coffee holds onto the sophistication most attendees are looking for when they come as a guest to your event. It can serve as a special touch that not many people will expect, but everyone will appreciate. By featuring different coffee drinks, guests will have something unique to talk about, and it can work as a real icebreaker for attendees meeting and interacting for the first time.

Not only will your guests enjoy the detail of catered coffee, but you can also use it as an opportunity to support a local coffee business. You will be helping to financially bolster your community, while also ensuring your guests receive coffee with an excellent taste and mindful preparation.

A coffee caterer will often bring a menu with them that includes much more than just basic regular and decaf options. They usually have several different drinks they can feature to keep things exciting for your guests. Your attendees will have something delicious to look forward to.

A coffee break featuring quality coffee will help give attendees the energy to continue to enjoy and participate in your event. It is a small addition that every attendee will likely appreciate. 

The Perfect Option for Almost Any Event

Do you have a wedding, gala dinner, conference, shower, or any other holiday event coming up that you are going to be planning? Start checking out websites for local coffee businesses that cater.

You should be able to find most of the information you need online, from phone numbers and email addresses to different drink options. You?ll get an idea of what kind of coffee they make while reviews from past customers. Those reviews can help you to find the perfect business to cater for your event. You want more than just good coffee – you want caterers who will give you and your guests a positive, warm experience.

Once you find the perfect coffee shop for your catering needs, you can work with them to determine which drinks to bring and how the whole process will work. They should also be able to give you a rough estimate of how much their services will cost based on how many attendees there will be, the types of drinks you want, etc.. Some coffee shops might even work with you to make specialty drinks specific to your event. That can be a real crowd-pleaser if you?re having a themed party or get-together.

Don?t be afraid to visit a few coffee shops in person. While online research is easy, you?ll want to make sure you enjoy the taste of your caterer?s coffee. If you don?t like it, it?s likely your guests won?t either. By visiting in person, you can also decide if you want the caterer to bring anything besides coffee. Most shops have pastries available, which often complement the rich, bitter flavors of roasted coffee. Asking the coffee company to provide suitable food pairings will create an even more  enjoyable experience for your guests.

Catered coffee is also available for a variety of events of different sizes. Coffee companies usually have flexible pricing to offer a perfectly catered event, down to the last person. That makes budgeting a fantastic coffee experience for your event easier on your wallet. You can choose to make things as big or small as you need to stay within your budget.

You can even promote the coffee business by handing out their cards or free samples of their coffee grounds for guests to take home. If you?re on a tight budget, consider asking the coffee shop you work with if you can promote them at your event for a discount. That trade-off can mean more business for the coffee shop and a bill that won?t blow your budget.

Take a Coffee Break

Everyone looks forward to a comforting coffee break. Coffee is perfect for settling down in a nice comfy chair to take a moment from a people-filled day. However, it is also perfect for finding a group of people to chat with while enjoying your beverage.

Whether you?re hosting a speech-filled conference, a game-filled holiday event, or a beautiful and extravagant wedding, everyone gets tired after a while. That?s especially true if your event is going to be several hours long. Giving your attendees a coffee break will certainly provide a much-needed energy boost.

The great thing about offering coffee is that everyone knows what to expect. They can look forward to taking that ?break? at your event because they don?t have to worry about not liking the beverage of their choice. It?s not a cocktail that could sit with them the wrong way or a snack with an ingredient they don?t care for. It?s something familiar, relaxing, and enjoyable.

Provide catered coffee at your event and watch as your guests gather around the station, connect, and enjoy an energizing break. You might be surprised by just how much a cup of coffee can bring people together for good conversation. A familiar taste to look forward to after a tiring few hours coupled with the taste of liquid energy can really boost morale!

A Sip of Versatility

Need another reason to get coffee catered to your next event? We?ve got one word for you ? options.

When catering food at an event, the options typically include plated dinners or buffets. That can leave your guests wanting more variety, especially if you?re serving food they don?t particularly like.

Having a coffee caterer means your guests will have a lot more options when it comes to their coffee break. Coffee caterers are used to working with a larger list of mixed caffeinated drinks, which means they often provide a larger menu of choices. That larger menu gives your guests a wider variety of refreshments to choose from. From flat whites to americanos to specialty teas and herbal infusions, there is bound to be something for every palate.

A coffee caterer can ensure your guests have a thoroughly enjoyable custom drink experience. Everyone will have the opportunity to feel special and cared for when they receive their drink. This means you can relax and enjoy your own cup without having to worry if your guests are satisfied.

Having coffee catered will also cut back on confusion when guests feel like getting a beverage. It will keep them from wandering around, trying to find a sad, lone coffee station in the corner. Your coffee caterer can do a large setup so there?s no mistaking where they are or what they?re offering.

Even your guests who enjoy a plain cup of joe will appreciate a quality coffee caterer. Most coffee shops roast their beans and have their own special blends. So, even the most ?standard? cups of coffee are going to be more interesting and complex than store-bought varieties.

Give Your Guests Something To Remember

Coffee is something that over half the population of America enjoys. From the mouth-watering aroma lingering in the air to that comforting first sip, it?s hard to beat the experience of a freshly-brewed cup.

You can give that experience to your next event?s attendees by working with a quality coffee shop. Not only will you support a local business, but you can be sure your guests will receive something enjoyable, familiar, and unforgettable. Whether you?re trying to save money on your event, offer something unique, or just want to provide your attendees with a pick-me-up, catered coffee is likely something they won?t expect but will greatly appreciate.

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