8 Unignorable Reasons Why Startups Should Go For Company Registration In Dubai

When it comes to company registration in Dubai, this place is never going to disappoint you. Do you know why? Let?s dive in to check out this blog post. 

Dubai?s economy is constantly thriving since the global recession. And according to a survey by Statista, there are chances for the UAE?s GDP to reach 501.81 billion by 2030. It means, Dubai holds a plethora of opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs to participate in its recovering economy. What?s making it possible? Ample resources at this place that are 100% suitable for incorporating a business. 

But before I tell you about these resources, let me first give you a brief introduction to the essential licenses in Dubai for setting up a business.?

What Are The Required Licenses For Company Registration In Dubai? 

In order to incorporate a business in Dubai, there are a plethora of steps you require to follow. And one of the most essential steps is to select the type of business activity for finalizing the license. Kick-starting your business operations in Dubai is just impossible without obtaining a license. Here are two important licenses you need to choose from:

Dubai Business License 

If you have a Dubai Business License, you can effortlessly establish a strong presence in the UAE market. There are six sub-categories of business licenses, including Agricultural, craftsmanship, professional, industrial, tourism, and commercial business licenses. 

DED Trader License

The DED (Department of Economic Development) Trader License gives startups in UAE the freedom to conduct business activities online and across social media platforms. The ultimate aim of this license is to help traders in reaching closer to the business world. The trader licenses help in shooting up Dubai?s Economy by allowing the ease of business operations digitally. 

Now, when you know the essential licenses for incorporating a business in Dubai, let?s have a view of the 8 ultimate reasons for registering a company in UAE.?

1. Suitable Geographical Locations 

Being the best-known country in MENA (Middle-East North Africa) region, UAE is a geographically fit location for businesses. This region has the accessibility of both seaports and airports for easy international business trading. 

Besides that, one-third population of the world can reach here within a four-hour flight and the rest can reach here within an eight-hour flight. All in all, if you plan to register your business in UAE, there is no doubt that you can reach here effortlessly. 

2. A Sound Place To Invest In 

Dubai offers a thriving business and entrepreneurial environment that has been attracting numerous businesses and entrepreneurs over the years. It?s a city with the opulence of potential and home to jaw-dropping wonders like Burj-Khalifa. 

The impressive infrastructure of Dubai never skips a chance to surprise entrepreneurs across the world. The credit behind the success story of Dubai as an international trade hub goes to an entrepreneur who turned it into a favourable business environment. 

3. Accessible Business Operations 

Today, UAE ranks in the 11th position on the World Bank?s Ease of Doing Business reports. It means this ranking makes it an accessible place for performing business operations. As an investor or entrepreneur, you get ample business opportunities in Dubai where you don?t have to put in too much unnecessary effort when it comes to business setup. 

4. 0% Income and Corporate 

Taxes are still unavoidable in so many countries today. But if you talk about UAE, then it?s tax-free. Yes, you heard it right. Incorporating your company in Dubai doesn?t require any income and corporate tax, especially if it?s Dubai Free Zone. Consequently, this adds to higher ROI for businesses as compared to high-taxed cities. 

5. Availability of Ample Business Consulting Firms For Easy Start 

Of course, it?s quite confusing to choose the right business activities from a cornucopia of available opportunities. The hassle doesn’t just end here. The next step is to decide the business location, suitable business license, and whatnot. Well, you don?t have to worry about this thing in Dubai. 

This place has a lot of available business consulting firms for ensuring an easy start. They give you the best guidance for registering your business in Dubai. 

6. Exposure To Several Business Zones 

As a business, you have exposure to several business zones in UAE where you can start your company. Every zone has its benefits and drawbacks. So, you can always choose the best zone that fits your business requirements. Enlisted below are some of the zones:

  • Dubai Mainland Areas
  • Dubai Free Zones (DMCC, IFZA, ZAFZA, DWC, etc)
  • Dubai Offshore and Inshore Zones

7. Low Setup Cost 

Imagine your office space in Dubai with the most impressive interiors. How is the feeling? Overwhelming. Right? This thing might seem impossible for other countries across the globe. But for Dubai, you can think of making this dream a reality. 

Thanks to the low setup cost for establishing offices in the Free Zones of UAE. Moreover, you don?t have to pay extra water and electricity expenses as they are all inclusive in the rent budget.?

8. Liberal Investment Policies

The government of the UAE never gives up on encouraging foreign investments. They keep on improving their investment laws and regulations for setting up a business. And these policies are impressively liberal that can boost the confidence of investors. A few perks of these liberal investment policies include:

  • Capacity to repatriate 100% capital profits 
  • Zero Restrictions On Currency 

Summing it up:

Undeniably, company registration in Dubai is like walking in a park with so many efficient services. All you have to do is to connect with a business consulting firm and decide the best option as per the business needs.

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