Why and Where Should You Use React for Web Development?


    ReactJS is a library of JavaScript that is used on websites to create interactive elements. It is a component-based, open-source, front-end library responsible for the application’s view layer. The view layer contains how the application looks and is present in the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture.

    The world of JavaScript has always been a blade with double edges. It gives a rich and pretentious atmosphere at one end with hundreds of tools, libraries, and frameworks. While at the other end, it gives a hell of uncertainty to pick, where to use, etc.

    ReactJS has proven to be a game-changer for many businesses. Why is that so, and where can the JavaScript-based library be used effectively to transform the dimensions of the realm of web development? It is covered in this write-up.

    Why use React? 

    • Easier to learn 

    Why would a developer choose a framework( or library) that is hard to learn and implement? This makes ReactJS, the best choice for developers. It is easier to learn and implement. If a developer knows Javascript, then learning React is like ice on the cake. Even if the developers didn?t have any prior knowledge of Javascript, React can be the best way to begin. Far from Angular, React provides a smooth learning curve.

    • Reusability Feature

    In React, your project consists of components. You begin with developing small components like checkboxes, buttons, menus, dropdowns, and create binder components around these smaller components. Moving on, if you create more binder components on a higher level, then you will have a single root component and various hierarchical components. Each component has its own logic in React. Therefore, if you want to re-use any component through your application, you can always do that. Reusability is one of the features that is the desire of every developer. Do you agree? If so, now which framework offers that, don?t you?

    • Virtual DOM 

    Virtual DOM is a feature used worldwide by many React JS developers. It allows the UI to be successful in different UI modifications. The in-between step, in simple words, is where React.Js development framework does most of its work. 

    • Vibrant Ecosystem 

    It consists of a rich and vital ecosystem. Developers can find plenty of customizable and ready-made graphics, documentation tools, charts, and other components. These components help developers to build awesome stuff in less time.

    Where should you use React for Web Development?

    Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, and Instagram used this library in Facebook?s newsfeed. Since then thousands of websites have powered this library, and more are born every day. I am going to list a couple of the fascinating things below.

    Now where to use React? 

    If your web development project contains distinct, often changing states, such as active/inactive navigation objects, expanded/collapsed accordion parts, dynamic inputs, active/disabled buttons, a user log in, and access permissions, the project is a good match for React. Since technology lets you handle those evolving states well and dynamically provides the user with different views based on state details.

    If a site accompanies a mind-boggling framework that may be hard to track with a traditional, straightforward approach, React JS will also be regarded as an unprecedented decision. You can conveniently keep track of all the interactions with the aid of the technique.

    Use of React in Social networking apps

    • Social networking apps are another prevalent use-case for React.js development. 

    Facebook has gradually shifted to a single page base, beginning as a plain-old dynamic looking platform. After all, running millions of concurrent users on yet another PHP website was not feasible enough. I bet you would leave your thousand-page WordPress website before I’m done with this blog. 

    • The cost of your server would skyrocket. Simultaneous processing of millions of requests means that you have to run the program on a server’s supercomputer and pay thousands of dollars to host it. Whereas building a social networking app on a single page application implies that user requests in a single page application do not load a new page. Depending on the user’s order, only a small portion changes. For example, if a user likes a picture, it will be highlighted without refreshing the entire page by hitting a’ Thumbs up’ sign. This will save multiple round trips of servers to and from your single page application, resulting in cost-cutting productivity.
    • Combining React.JS and social networking contributes to
      • Speedy Production
      • Unmatched Scalability
      • An excellent user experience 
      • Indexing of searches 

    Use of ReactJs in eCommerce Applications

    No business wants to stay small. Developing your eCommerce store from a reputable ReactJs development company will contribute to a substantial boost in sales. Using ReactJs development services, there are several ways of building an eCommerce app.


    Reactjs is an exceptional addition to projects involving reusability of elements, impressive user interactions, or insane animations. That said, developing projects that appeal to small, medium, and even large-scale organizations is a robust UI library. That’s why, for their long-term business objectives, so many businesses rely heavily on React. We’ve listed the use-case of Reactjs in-depth in this post. Until you decide to use it in your project, note the mapping of these usage cases and features.

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