Why PHP is the best choice for web development?

PHP, also known as ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’ is one of the earliest server-side programming languages for web development.

More than 2.6 million websites in the Netherlands are built on PHP. Just imagine how many there would be worldwide!

PHP is still a market standard. However, you will find several discussions online stating ‘PHP is dying.’

Well, it is true that PHP has dropped down from the top charts of programming languages as per Stack Overflow’s 2020 annual developer survey, but it doesn’t mean it has come to an end.

PHP is, and will always be in demand for web development. So are the PHP developers.

If you are trying to uncover the truth, about whether PHP is still one of the best choices for web development, keep reading this blog.

We have discussed everything, such as:-

  • What is PHP, and why is it so popular?
  • 5 Reasons to choose PHP web development
  • Why PHP is important in the web development space?
  • Leading brands that used PHP for web development
  • PHP is here to stay!

So, let’s get started, shall we?

What is PHP, and why is it so popular?

PHP is a server-side scripting language that was first released in 1994. Twenty-six years later, it is still one of the most popular technologies used on the internet, with around 78.9% of all websites using it for their server-side programming.

PHP programming language is considered best to create dynamic web pages for websites and web applications. It is popular because it helps manage the website’s backend. This means that the PHP code runs on the server, and clients only see the HTML code that is displayed in their web browser.

PHP can connect to servers to get data and put it into HTML DOM. But it can’t control HTML as well as some other languages. It can connect to databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL, run scripts on HTML, start sessions, and perform several other functions.

PHP can be used to create a wide range of dynamic web applications. This is the main reason why it is popular. PHP is commonly used for the following reasons:

  • Add/modify database information.
  • Create dynamic content.
  • Create, write, open, delete, read, and close files on a server.
  • Send or receive cookies.
  • Collect data from forms.
  • Perform data encryption
  • PHP not only generates HTML output but it can also generate output as PDF, XML, Flash, and other files. 

PHP can be a good way to create a website that meets your objectives and requirements. If you need a business website that is professional and up to modern standards, you can hire a PHP developer.

5 Reasons to choose PHP for web development

1) Simple to learn and use

PHP is popular because it is easy to use. You do not need to know a lot about web development to create a website with PHP. The syntax is easy to understand, and the functions are simple to learn. This makes it easier for people to become PHP web developers than with other languages.

2) Open-source

PHP is an excellent way for developers to get started quickly and without any cost. There is a wide range of PHP frameworks available, such as Laravel and Symfony. This feature is also appealing to companies as it helps keep costs down for web development.

3) Strong community support

PHP is a popular server side programming language that many people use. It has a lot of support from its community, which creates helpful tutorials, FAQs, and tips for new developers. PHP is also updated regularly to improve its features.

4) Fast and secure

There are two things that every organization wants for their website or application: speed and security. PHP is a programming language that uses its own memory. It is fast, especially when using the newer versions. There have been questions about PHP security in the past, but it is important to note that it is not inherently more or less secure than other programming language(s).

Cyberattacks are a big problem. But because so many people use PHP, there are now many tools, frameworks, and best practices to help keep your business safe from cybercriminals.

5) Easily connects with databases

PHP allows you to securely connect with many different types of databases. This gives developers more freedom when choosing which database to use for their applications.

Why PHP is important in the web development space?

Great compatibility

PHP language is perfect for use with major operating systems, databases, and web server(s). You can use it with Linux, Solaris, and other similar systems. The language also supports a variety of databases. And it can work with protocols like HTTP, POP3, LDAP COM, etc.

Extreme flexibility

PHP is a very flexible programming language that enables programmers to make changes to the code during different stages of development. They can add new features or functionality to the website even after writing the code. Changes can also be done to existing code and new features can be added to the website without having to rewrite the entire code from scratch.

Future scalability

PHP is being used more and more by high-traffic websites. It is also used by developers all across the world to develop a wide range of websites and web applications. Programmers have the option of creating small and simple websites by embedding PHP code into HTML. PHP frameworks provide a lot of tools and resources to help you create complex websites more quickly. You can use these tools anytime you need them.

Leading brands that use PHP for web development


In terms of updates, nothing is more active than Wikipedia. Developed at a rate of 1.9 edits per second and 594 new articles per day, Wikipedia is built on the stability and scalability of PHP!


Canva has become very popular in the past few years. More than 10 million people from 179 different countries use it to make graphics for the web or for print. It has an easy-to-use photo editor and a variety of templates to choose from.


Slack has publicly announced that it uses PHP for its server-side application logic. Slack is more than just a website?it’s a full communication platform that was recently bought out by Salesforce for $27.7 billion.


Mailchimp is a very successful company that owns a large percentage of the email industry. They support over 12 million customers, all of whom use their PHP platform.

PHP is here to stay!

PHP is a robust programming language because of its efficiency and capability to handle complex projects. Since it is free to use, has a simple syntax and is highly scalable, it is an ideal technology for big businesses and commercial usage.

While many people assume that PHP is getting closer to its end, we hope this article has proved that it is not. PHP is a simple and accurate language that will help to promote it. This will encourage more developers to use it for website development. PHP will continue to be learned by developers for many years to come.

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