Why Is ux Important For Business?

Companies know that preventing possible usability problems from the outset, is far less costly than enhancing them later with product redesigns or bug disposal. As everyone knows, changes in design are far easier to make during developmental changes ? and therefore less expensive.

Most of the time around 20% of bugs within a product are actual issues. The remaining are user issues ? maximum of which could have been solved in an starting prototyping stage.

Working in this iterative way may seem more expensive to begin with, it can save money in the long run and make you build a product or service that is set up for success, positive conversions and engages with target users proficiently.

Now what exactly is prototyping?

So, Well let?s look at that?


Prototyping is a significant step in the UX design process. Definition, a prototype is a ?model? version of the final product, which is used for user testing before a final product launch. Its aim is to reduce the level of waste of time and money that can often happen when proper testing has not been tried out on a product prior to launch.

Now let?s see how this alone can help reduce costs?

Have more accurate estimates and avoid feature bug

Time-consuming large-scale development changes to fix any bugs after product launch can only be highly expensive. And badly, this might be found when a UX design has not been part of the procedure. By scoping and testing all designs, information architecture and feature requirements, at the prototyping stage developers can provide better estimates of the time and money required to complete the project, therefore preventing any awful cost shocks at an after stage.

Getting your content right

As everyone knows how important content is. It?s even astonishing when great content is integrated with great design. After all, any app or website, your content is a crucial key in translating your users. By finding this early, in the prototyping stage, you can easily ensure that the content is fit for purpose before your app or website is even launched to the wider audience ? once again saving time and cost for you. 

User and usability testing:

It means, user testing is a testing where it is easier to use a product by testing it with real/actual users in order to identify any roadblocks or deadlock or friction they might face while using it. However, with more people within a business working on a similar project, testing users outside of this inner circle is crucial.

As for you, close to your own product, you can often become too engrossed in the project and form biased opinions about what features are required and where. But do not forget, you are not your user`!! In fact, the way the user thinks or perhaps moves around your site or app, is likely going to be unlike you.

Because of this, testing products, content, and interacting with small user groups outside of the small inner business circle can have a significant beneficial impact on your business. Above all, it helps you find any significant deadlock or friction at the prototyping stage, and also helps to find out user interactions with your own product that’s also before any development has begun.

You’ll find numerous ways to strategize your website or app from a UX point of view but for now let?s see the two primary principles.

Make things easier for users ? Reduce the number of steps! Got it guys

Smooth going as ice cubes moves for your user to communicate with your site or app is a password for UX design. Every business wishes their users to be easily able to find it as they were looking for it. Far more significant for your business is, you want to grab conversions and interactions across your app or web.

This can be anything from booking tickets or purchasing a product, sorting through a database information, by keeping things as easy as possible for your users, you are able to reduce the risk of users becoming irritated when they can?t finish their tasks.


Why is UX now so important? 

Because everyone wants user-friendly smart products or services. Business needs to propose the requirements of the day. 

How much will it cost? 

Not as much as you are thinking. Just will fit in less than your pocket size. Just give a start then see the results!! 

How can one learn UX designing? 

Just go online, search for it and firstly get some idea about it and give it a kick start now. All the best?!!! 

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